Stand up or perish


Belief and hope are drugs, not only sweet to the tongue, but also soothing to the soul. It is good to believe that things will get better – that a good life is somewhere down the bend of the road – it keeps one going.

To survive, people need to have hope in the leaders they choose; they must have reasons to expect their choices to bear good fruits. But one cannot live on belief and hope alone. There comes a time when every human must rid their mind of false consciousness, wake up, face reality and do something about their misery. That time has now come for Malawians.

For so long, we have been played and taken for granted by politicians. We have been lied to, our resources have been stolen, and we have been made poor by politicians we elected.


The Tonse Alliance, which has completely messed up this country, came to power on promises of a better Malawi. President Lazarus Chakwera and Vice-President Saulos Chilima rode on the hope of Malawians after we were fed up with the incompetence and impunity of the Democratic Progressive Party.

Little did we know that we were simply replacing one cancer with a deadlier strain of the disease.

Two years after ascending to the throne, we can conclude that Chakwera has failed. This conclusion is in no way coming out of malice or envy; it is a truth that can be proven by several disturbing facts on the ground.


As we speak now, this country is in the worst crisis it has seen in decades. There has never been a tougher time in the history of Malawi than what citizens are experiencing now.

We are talking about multiple problems with no end in sight, and that can qualify this country as ‘a failed state’. There is no electricity, there is no water, no petrol, no diesel, no food, no roads, no forex, no hope, nothing. Malawi is dying with thieves taking everything away.

Those who follow events in history can attest to the fact that this country is on the route to Zimbabwe. We have become bankrupt because of the clueless leaders we elected in 2020.

So far, Chakwera and Chilima have proven that they know nothing about running a government. When one looks back at their campaign promises, you can easily tell that these people were just desperate for power when they had no real solutions to our promises.

They promised everything and have delivered nothing. What is more disheartening is that the two men and their lieutenants seem not to be bothered by our suffering. They are busy playing golf and touring the world while Malawians are wasting otherwise productive hours on fuel queues.

It is clear that this administration will not come to our rescue. From the very beginning of their reign, they have made it obvious that they are interested in enriching their families and friends, and the plight of Malawians is something that does not bother them.

Realising this, it was about time we had to do something as citizens. We must cogitate on our situation and do something about it.

The demonstrations that some individuals with questionable intentions are leading across the country will not help us in any way.

Most of those people are only interested in individual gains as were some of their friends who are now Cabinet ministers and the like. Malawians must no longer be duped by politicians with ill motives. The poor must fight their own battles or die languishing.

Since our leaders have no decency to accept failure and resign from their fattening positions, Malawians must take the initiative to ask them to leave.

In the crisis that we are in, and given the cluelessness that the leadership has demonstrated, one cannot imagine another three years with Chakwera and the Tonse Alliance in charge.

That will just be national suicide. At this point in time, we must be asking relevant questions like; what does it take to call for a fresh election? Does it require a referendum or maybe a vote of no confidence?

If it is any of these or more, who is in the right position to initiate that process? Democracy gives us power to put people in positions, and it also gives us power to remove them when they fail. The time has come for us to stand up or perish.

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