Stich Fray targets more love songs


Musician Stich Fray, who was in the limelight last year with his song ‘Zoti Ndimakukonda’, has assured people that there are more love songs coming from him, as well as an album.

The artist said his ‘Zoti Ndimakukonda’ song, which was nominated in the category of Song of the Year in the 2017 Urban Music People, has challenged him to do more to break even.

“The support I got last year was massive and I never knew the song ‘Zoti Ndimakukonda’ would do well. So, I am not stopping there, I want to give out my all and show people that I have enough fuel in my tank to move. For now, I am concentrating on love songs not because of lack of concepts but I do them better,” he said.


The youthful musician, real name Steve Chibwazi, also observed that love songs are doing well on the market.

“For your information, if you scrutinise all the songs I did between 2012 and 2014, you will notice that they were not love songs but I feel it’s time to concentrate on love songs. And this year I have an album ready to be released any time; so, people should just watch the space,” he said.

Stich Fray will on Saturday launch a video and audio of his song ‘Golide Wanga’ at Chez Ntemba in Blantyre.


The artist, who had a show at the same venue during the festive season where he failed to perform with a band but used a CD with a DJ on set, will this time around perform live with Mapale Band.

Several urban artists have compromised their performances when it comes to strutting their stuff on stage, with many lacking the much needed discipline but also failing to transform their impressive studio work to the stage.

“I, as Stich Fray, have rebranded and, so, those who will come on Saturday should anticipate nothing but something unique. I have put in place a new team which is there to see to it that people get the entertainment they deserve,” he said.

To be hosted by Blak Jak, the launch will also feature acts such as Home Grown Afrikan, Blaze, Ketelele Ching’oma and Ababa Surgent.

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