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Still, nothing lasts forever


Who would have thought that one day Robert Mugabe, the man who, in William Shakespeare’s words, bestrode the narrow world like a colossus’ would be made to stammer in an attempt to explain his position as leader of Zimbabwe?

This is a man who, for 37 years, was a demigod and any attempt to oppose him was desecrating the altar of leadership in Zimbabwe. Actually, even those close to him could not gather the courage to have a different line of thought from the man whose name is synonymous to Zimbabwe’s struggles.

Mugabe, without taking away everything from him, has had his moments of glory and contributed so much to the independence and the economic development of the Southern African country. It would be wrong and un-African not to appreciate the good things that Mugabe did for Zimbabwe. Buts as they say, the evil that men do lives after them but the good is only interred with their bones. Mugabe’s good deeds have been eclipsed in the silhouette of dictatorship and the recalcitrance to cling to power even when it is clear that people have had enough of him.


Mugabe’s fall from grace—a biting metaphor of his wife Grace whose manouvres to power ended up being a final act of deletion of Mugabe’s leadership grip—should be a lesson for leaders. Mugabe only adds to the list of leaders who have had their wings of power clipped unceremoniously.

Despite his decision not to stand down, Mugabe will no longer be the same old powerful man.

What our leaders must learn is that there is a time people will always say enough is enough and they will not care about recollection about the good things one did for them.


Here at home, we have had and we still have leaders who believe the country belongs to them and their cronies only. Everyone else matters less. But what these must know is that, one can choose to cling to power but one day the people will have a final word.

All we are saying is that our leaders should draw lessons that when people want change, there is always a way that change will come no matter how much one man refuses.

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