Sulom exploring betting venture

SOMBA-BANDA—Considers betting

Super League of Malawi (Sulom) has started exploring new ways of generating extra income for the association and clubs as gate revenue and broadcasting rights are not enough.

Sulom President, Tiya Somba-Banda, said betting was one of the options the league intends to introduce to collect more revenue.

Published and printed “Over the past years we have seen growth in the sports betting industry across the world and as a country we feel we shouldn’t lag behind in tapping this revenue stream like we did with broadcasting revenues,” he said.


Somba-Banda said Malawi can also make strides if the sport and stakeholders were to embrace betting.

“At the same time we believe once we have our games on the betting platforms we will increase the supporter engagement beyond the walls of the stadia and this will help to grow the game as well. Countries like Australia, New Zealand and France have incorporated well the property rights of football with the betting companies,” he said.

Sulom has been in discussions with some betting firms but the association is yet to make strides in its discussions.


Football Association of Malawi (Fam) President, Walter Nyamilandu, asked Sulom to follow guidelines which the world football body-Fifa- set.

“Fifa has clear guidelines on betting. This would be a good starting point for Sulom as part of undertaking due diligence on betting. Issues of integrity and conflict of interests are key in the process,” he said.

George Kaudza Masina

However, well-known football analyst, George Kaudza-Masina, felt Sulom was heading in the right direction.

“By partnering with betting firms, Sulom has now started making business sense as an organisation. Depending on gate collections and administration fees from the sponsors has not been helpful for Sulom,” he said.

However, the former Fam Acting General Secretary feared betting venture could be compromised due to fixture challenges which annually haunts the association.

“But looking at our unpredictable fixtures, betting might be a challenge. Sulom will have to be disciplined in this area by having fixtures for the entire season in advance which have to be respected at all times,” he said.

Kaudza-Masina also called for strong measures to protect the game from match fixing as a result of interested parties trying influencing the result of the game.

“In terms of match fixing, this might be a challenge as this area has not always been taken seriously as betting is prone to match fixing. But the idea looks great for our football as it will help the populace to start following our games religiously,” he said.

Betting tip: The most common type of bet in football betting is the match bet. This is when you bet on the result of the game. There are three outcomes in football: win, draw or loss. It is sometimes referred to as a 1X2 bet. This is because you bet on the home team to win (1), bet on draw (X) or place a bet on the away team (2).

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