Suppliers ditch Malata Subsidy


Suppliers hired in the Decent and Affordable Housing Subsidy Programme (DAHSP), popularly known as Malata Subsidy Programme, in Chitipa have suspended the supply of materials because government has not paid them.

Some suppliers are also cheating by supplying wrong iron sheets.

Beneficiaries have also complained that materials are not delivered to the actual sites where construction is taking place.


District Commissioner for Chitipa Grace Chirwa has since described the suspension of supplies as a setback to the project, saying it has delayed the implementation period of the programme.

Chirwa and some beneficiaries revealed the challenges yesterday when Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development Paul Chibingu toured some sites under construction in Traditional Authority Kameme in the district.

“Suppliers have stopped bringing the materials because they have not been paid for the deliveries made so far. Local artisans have almost finished producing doors, door frames, window frames and procuring glasses and are only waiting for delivery after payment is made first,“ said Chirwa.


He said the erratic and delayed supply of materials to the council would increase the number of deliveries to the beneficiaries, thereby increasing cost and delay completion of construction.

Another challenge according to Chirwa was the worn-out tyres of the district council truck used in the deliveries.

“The problem has been reported to [the] Ministry and we were promised that the tyres will be procured and sent to us. Up to now we are still waiting,” said Chirwa.

One beneficiary, Vincent Siame said government has delayed the implementation of the project and the delay has affected his house calendar.

“They promised to provide the materials in June so that we finish by July to start second phase. But they have just started giving us materials and the delay has affected my other programmes,“ said Siame.

Chairperson for Housing Developmemt Committee in Chitipa Ackim Simukonda complained that district council drivers involved in delivery of materials drop them at a place 35 km away from the beneficiaries.

In his reaction to the issues, Chibingu said the problems were genuine and understandable and government was already addressing them.

Chibingu said K1 billion just, released to pay suppliers and encouraged the suppliers to go and get their cheques.

He also directed the ministry to ensure that drivers deliver the materials to the sites. He further cautioned DCs to avoid diverting the programme money to other uses.

Chitipa has 400 beneficiaries out of the total population of 200, 000. Government has allocated K7 billion, towards the programme, in the current financial year.

Parliament approved the programme in September 2014 and President Peter Mutharika launched it on December 18 the same year.

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