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Systems in Malawi don’t favour art—KBG


Artist Kelvin Before Gumbi, better known as KBG, has said art in the country is still not yet considered a serious profession as other professions.

KBG also observed that the systems in the country are not perfect enough in terms of benefiting from it.

“I wish we had a proper industry that favours artists; having something that you would point at that it works for the creative industry. We have artists who have been in the industry for long and have contributed a lot to the country but they have benefited nothing,” he said.

He cited such things as royalties as not benefiting artists despite having their products on the market.

“I would love to see more corporate organisations opening up and supporting the creative industry. I would love to see parents supporting their children to pursue art as a career,” KBG said.

The artist is on the verge of launching his fifth project titled Trend Setter next year.

On October 5, KBG held an event dubbed ‘Trend Setter Experience (TSE)’ which he said was a platform to give people a taste of what was coming.

He held the event in partnership with Qoncept Creative, Wildlife Trust and Converged Technology Networks.

“TSE will be happening regularly and it will be featuring different artists. I am so excited that Qoncept Creative will be partnering with us in all these events,” KBG said.

On the album, KBG, said the message in it “is that we are living in a time where art is blooming and accepted slowly and as such, most of us are Trend Setters because we are doing things that were not done before.”

He said Christians need to set the standards and lead by example.

“I take that as trend setting. In that light, the album is addressing the experiences I have gone through as a Trend Setter both as an artist and as a Christian living in Malawi,” he said.

The artist said he has recorded the album with Manifest, Cocizwa and Nyalimuzik Studios.

“I am doing something different as compared to the rest of my projects. This one, I am the executive producer myself and working with the band as well,” he said.

Some of the songs that have made it in the album include ‘Follow Me’, featuring Sir Creedy.

The others are ‘Opinions’, featuring Suffix and ‘Gibidi’ featuring Pro Gain, Double Zee and Young B.

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