Tears for little Talandira


Once again, we are talking about the brutal and senseless murder of a person with albinism in the case involving little Talandira Chirwa in Kasungu.

An evil-minded monster—with the heart of a devil, hidden behind garments naturally worn by human beings— attacked the little girl, prematurely ending her life.

Wherever that wicked man is, may Temeluchus haunt him to the highest levels so that he never finds peace in his evil heart.


May he be haunted like the world’s most malevolent individual and live every second of his life like someone in the deepest dungeon with scorpions and worms crawling all over his body.

It is ridiculous that there still are idiots out there who believe they can turn their fortunes in the twinkling of some devilish eye by simply killing a person with albinism.

Such levels of backwardness and foolishness should be typical of the age when humans lived in the bush. But even during those moments, they worked hard to fend for themselves.


They did not believe there could be some absurd luck in killing fellow human beings and using their tissues in acts of darkness.

People of those days hunted and gathered fruits. They knew that they were supposed to eat the fruits of their toil and did exactly that.

Yet in this day and age, there are thugs who, in their shameful ignorance, believe there is some luck in human tissue and go ahead to kill others.

The person who heartlessly killed little Talandira and chopped off her limb is one of them.

They are not supposed to be found among human beings because they do not deserve such honour. They must be hunted like wild animals and be cast to the deepest dungeons once captured.

It is pathetic that when we thought the attacks had finally come to an end, someone somewhere decided to grotesquely remind us that in our midst there still exist wicked and callous people who, despite being born of human flesh, are behemoths.

The man who exacted that painful death on little Talandira must be someone without children or relations.

He must be someone who does not know the value of human life, for if he did, he would know that nothing supersedes life and no one should arbitrarily take it.

May all relevant authorities do everything within their powers and mandate to get to the bottom of Talandira’s brutal murder.

She was not supposed to die that way simply because of her skin condition.

On the other hand, this latest attack is also raising questions about the safety of persons with albinism in this country.

These people have been raising alarms that they still do not feel safe despite that there appeared to be some tranquillity as far as the attacks are concerned.

Again, what happened to the results of the commission of inquiry that was conducted on the attacks?

The outcome was supposed to be important in informing the nation about what we can collectively do in alleviating the problem.

Is it that as a country, we have reached a point where we do not know what to do to end the attacks once and for all?

At the minimum, the results of the commission of inquiry must be made public so that Malawians understand them and take part in ending the attacks.

Obviously, there are recommendations from the inquiry which should be implemented. So, one wonders in whose interest the document is being hidden from the public.

Those who are sitting on the document must feel guilty of failing the nation when it comes to providing crucial information on a crisis that once loomed large, appeared to seep away and returned with a horrendous attack on a little girl in Kasungu.

Everyone has to feel safe in this country regardless of their skin conditions and where they are.

No one should go to bed feeling insecure simply because they have a skin condition different from the majority.

Perhaps if the contents of the outcome of the commission of inquiry on attacks on persons with albinism were made public and their recommendations implemented, little Talandira would not have been coldly murdered in that small village in Kasungu.

May the soul of the little girl rest in peace. May it also convict and haunt the evil man who broke into that house and stabbed her before chopping off her hand.

If at all we relaxed and thought all is well in this country as far as the attacks were concerned, the brutal murder of Talandira should prod us into serious action.

We do not have to wait for more brutal attacks. We were not even supposed to wait for this latest evil act to do the right thing.

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