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Technology wins with Biden’s ascendancy

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Since 2016 when he assumed power, Donald Trump remained opposed to Chinese technological advancements. During his inauguration speech, Trump vowed to move the manufacturing of the iPhone from China.

Donald claimed that Americans’ jobs were being exported offshore with the iPhone being assembled in China. Surely that begged the question: Why was the iPhone being put up together in China in the first place? The answer to that is a complete oxymoron from Trump’s philosophy; to take advantage of cheaper Chinese rates.

There should, therefore, have been reasons why Trump did not like the iPhone manufactured in China by Foxconn.

The iPhone, for all good reasons, is the beacon of American technological supremacy. Donald did not want China to partake any part of that glory.

And there is the case of Huawei; the giant Chinese telecommunication company with a world-wide presence. Some two years ago, the company was found on the wrong side of US trade laws when it was alleged to have imported telecommunication equipment to North Korea and Iran, two countries nursing US trade embargo.

While one would have expected a weighty fine to be imposed on Huawei, Trump went further and instructed American technology companies not to do business with Huawei.

That proved fatal for Huawei that erstwhile depended on Google’s Android to run its smartphones.

Huawei was a scapegoat for something more rooted in the psyche of Donald Trump, ‘make America great again’.

If you read between the lines, that means no other country should surpass US in technology. I find that problematic because technology is an animal that respects no borders. US has contributed a lot to advancement of technology, but it is hard to predict where the next wave will come from.

Most pundits in the technology arena believe that Huawei was being unfairly treated because at that point it was ahead in 5G technology and Donald did not understand why US companies were not. In his weird thinking, such punishment would slow down Huawei and indeed other Chinese companies and allow US companies to catch up.

Huawei traded back a few jabs, the company created a home-grown operating software for its smartphones. This is initially being tested on smart TVs and will soon be ported to smartphones.

China is a huge market for Google’s Android yet the Chinese can be patriotic at times. If Harmony succeeds, it will dislodge Android from the many Chinese smartphone makers’ budgets in license fees.

Huawei kept its fingers crossed and hoped that a Democratic Party government would reverse Trump’s orders. That government is here and we are about to witness history.

Technology thrives in a global village. Innovation can emerge from anywhere. Welcome Biden.

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