Tension as Billy One threatens FA boss

Tension is steadily building as self-proclaimed Flames Supporters Chairperson, Billy ‘One’ Severe, released a video threatening Football Association of Malawi (Fam) President, Walter Nyamilandu, from seeking a fifth term during the December 14 polls.

The video went viral on Saturday.

Severe said he released the video because Nyamilandu had been dodging him after supporting his campaign in 2015.

In a 1minute 9 seconds clip, Severe threatens to vandalize Fam property at Mpira Village in Chiwembe Township, Blantyre.

“Iwe Walter Nyamilandu ndikukuuza ine ngati Billy One Chairman wamasapota a national team. Inenso ndili ndigawo mu mpira kuyankhula kuwauza masapota ukangopitilidza kunenena kuti uyimanso uyimanso Chiwembe ija tikamphwanya magalasi onse aja kuti udziwe kuti sitikukufuna. Ukangopitilidza kunena kuti uyimanso ma affiliates ako amene akupanga za iwe uwauze akonzeke osati kuona mavuto ayi koma kuona mambama coz ife sitimavota koma ntchito yomwe timagwira ifeyo ndiyokavota yoponsa ovotayo samala uwonongetsa zinthu zambiri zimene sizimayenera kuti ziwonongeke mu mpira. Chifukwa ayaluka ndi wamkulu sitanati apa tangoyambapo. Zampira.

[“Hey Walter Nyamilandu I am Billy One speaking as Flames Supporters Chairman. I have a part to play in this election. You should not seek another term. If you insist of contesting we will smash glasses at Chiwembe. We will also deal with your affiliates”]

Severe said he was not supporting any particular candidate but did not want Nyamilandu to contest again.

“I just want Walter to go out. In 2014 we were hired to remove anti-Walter banners out of ignorance at Kamuzu Stadium but the big man did not pay us as agreed. He just used us. I am not afraid of the Police because I haven’t committed any crime,” he said.

Nyamilandu said the issue had been reported to the Police.

“My team cannot live in fear anymore. I shouldn’t be intimidated by Billy One. This is barbaric. Such elements of criminality are not accepted in this day and age. We are living in a free world where everyone is free to exorcise his democratic rights.

“It is not a secret that Billy One has been sent. He is working for his master. He has been parading anti Walter banners ever since. And we know that this is not first time Billy One has caused violence in Football. He was banned for assaulting the PS of Youth and Sports. He cannot continue to get away with murder. He is not above the law,” he said.

Nyamilandu said his team and family would be alert.

“I am warning him to stay away from me, my team, the affiliates and the property of Fam. He will be the first suspect if anything wrong or untoward happened to my life, my family, members of Team Walter or that of the affiliates that are supporting me,” he said.

Southern Region Police Spokesperson, Ramsey Mushani, asked for time to verify information.

The development comes after Nyamilandu and Fam First Vice President James Mwenda, who is challenging his boss, have been summoned by Malawi National Council of Sports to ease tension that has surrounded the polls.

Meanwhile, Mwenda is set to unveil his blue print at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe this evening.

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