Terror, barbarism should spare Malawi


By Tsibweni Chalo:

Not long ago, we were talking about how we are failing to protect persons with albinism, who continue to be targeted by bloodthirsty monsters who will do anything, literally anything, to make money.

Malawi has degenerated into a chaotic country where some of the most barbaric acts in the region have found fertile spots while we watch with careless abandon.


There is no greater fear than living fearing that you may be attacked—and killed—simply because of your skin colour. Life itself becomes a very temporary affair.

There are many unresolved cases regarding attacks directed on persons with albinism and, at one point, we seem to have relaxed and let everything flow the way it desires.

Mdzukulu, it makes perfect sense to charge that we, as a country, have not put together enough effort and resources together to get to the bottom of attacks on persons with albinism.


It appears preposterous that all these numerous attacks are failing to provide a concrete lead to who is exactly behind the heinous attacks which have left over 20 persons with albinism dead.

Then while we are still lamenting the attacks, other ugly events—their perpetrators bent at shedding human blood—have emerged on the scene.

There are those who take their political connections as permits to terrorise those holding different political views.

The recent attacks on assumed supporters of opposition political parties are deplorable, evil and typical of criminals who have no regard for human life and rights.

Mdzukulu, political terror should not be part of Malawi. Those who preside over it are evil and must be sufficiently dealt with.

But we have seen how perpetrators of violence have their egos massaged and their evil acts just propped up further by failure to control them.

What is specifically disheartening is that the evil men who are terrorising those who support political parties other than theirs act publicly in a style that clearly challenges the police and other authorities.

It is a very big test to our democracy. You would expect Malawi to be a civilised country that shredded away hangovers of yesteryears when human rights had several limitations attached to them.

You would expect that President Peter Mutharika would publicly condemn those terrorising supporters of opposition political parties by even forcing a lady to undress and capturing the act for the public.

By remaining silent—or claiming to have generally condemned the violence—the president is simply sending home a very sad message. In fact, he is sanctioning the attacks and cannot take the guilt off his head.

Mdzukulu, it is a difficult time for Malawi. We have degenerated into a lawless country where members of a governing party can do anything criminal without a single finger from the police and the Head of State condemning them.

Imagine what would happen if those who are being attacked by ‘cadets’ started reacting. Are we not massaging a civil war which has proven to be catastrophic in other countries?

Malawi is for all; no one is more Malawian than another even if they belong to a governing party. No one should live in fear simply because they support an opposition political party.

Mdzukulu, I should end by calling on everyone who loves Malawi to condemn the attacks on opposition politicians. We should come together and speak with one voice against this evil that is pervading our country.

Posterity will judge us harshly if we let this barbarism fester beyond now. We should safeguard the ideals of our democracy where everyone has the right to political choices.

We cannot all belong to one political party; otherwise, the essence of multiparty politics would be severely undermined.

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