That boxer was a shame


Malawi Boxing Association (Maba) should feel ashamed for bringing the sport of boxing into disrepute.

Last week’s sports pages were awash with stories pampering the visiting Kenyan heavyweight boxer Ramadhan Kaminja who was set to take on Musa Ajibu in Lilongwe.

Considering the hullaballoo this committee created after it decided to deviate from its core duties of supporting amateur boxing and venture into professional boxing, most of us who follow the sport were convinced that they will start with a bang.


It was shocking that they invited a hopeless, fat and tired boxer who suffered a first-round destruction in 40 seconds at the hands of Ajibu.

The visitor was mercilessly knocked out in 40 seconds in a bout which had no moment of brilliance for the audience to appreciate.

The Kenyan boxer, looking exhausted after 40 seconds, panted like an old wounded lioness as he sprawled on the canvas.


Maba should feel ashamed of bringing such a useless boxer who can best be defined as a fraud.

Just looking at his stature before the fight one could easily tell that he was picked from the street and had no boxing technical know-how.

Is Maba telling us that this joker was the only boxing genius in this category in Kenya?

Probably, what Maba had forgotten was that this is a sport that requires a lot of fitness and discipline.

It was a waste of time and resources for Ajibu to train for this upstart who cannot even make a grade in a lowly-ranked country like Malawi.

Malawians need divine intervention to rescue the sport from this hopeless association?

It does not require rocket science to know that this boxer needed to undergo rigorous tests to determine his level of fitness before going into the ring.

What Maba did, constitutes broad day light robbery on Malawian citizens and this should not be condoned.

To be brutally honest, Maba has never made strides in as far as developing amateur boxing is concerned.

It is, therefore, surprising that such an inept organisation has decided to add a more complicated and demanding task of running professional boxing on its menu.

I have a gut feeling that Maba is deliberately doing this to outshine its fellow hopeless brothers in mediocrity, Malawi Professional Boxing Control Board (MPBCB).

There has been a chorus of protests from boxing pundits that the two bodies needed to work together for the betterment of boxing in the country but unfortunately, the more pundits advise them the more their gulf is widening.

This is a shame to Malawi boxing.

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