The callousness is staggering


Just a day after Police took into custody former deputy commissioner general for Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) Rosa Mbilizi and twelve of their own officers, the arrests galore continued with the law enforcers pouncing on deputy director of National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) Gerald Viola who once also served as press secretary to former president Peter Mutharika.

Then this week, we saw Police pouncing on chief of security for former president Peter Mutharika.

Norman Chisale has since been charged with fraud and money laundering in connection with the importation of over million bags of cement with the aid of MRA using Mutharika’s Taxpayer Identification Number and duty free status to import the cement worth K5 billion for the benefit of private traders.


It is the same issue over which Mbilizi was arrested but, curiously, she has not been charged yet although she spent two nights in police cell.

If you ask Nicholas Dausi of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), he would say with a straight face that the arrests are political meant to destabilise the former ruling party, the DPP.

This is, of course, crap. Dausi is dead wrong.


Government, on the other hand, says, through Information Minister Gospel Kazako, this is the law at work and it has got nothing to do with politics as Dausi says, adding that not all who were associated with DPP have so far been arrested.

At the end of the day, in a truly functioning country, it is not the place or duty of neither government nor opposition afraid of its sins when it was in government but state institutions that should determine who gets arrested or not in case of a suspected crime having been committed.

Somehow or somewhere things went seriously wrong in this country that perfectly legal arrests have worn party colours especially in white collar crimes such as corruption and fraud committed when a government is in power.

Yet in all honesty, evidence is emerging now that it was free for all in the former president Peter Mutharika government in sharing up loot and now chickens have come home to roast.

You tend to wonder whether the old man was in control.

Malawians should largely be happy that politicians and their cronies in the Mutharika administration are being held to account.

The use of former president Peter Mutharika’s TPIN to allegedly import huge amount of fertilizer in the region of K5 billion for private use of private traders is staggering by all standards and total abuse of power.

There are letters from State House to MRA and back on the matter, signalling that perhaps the former president knew what was going on and the question is: Why did he not stop it.

Was the President of the Republic of Malawi complicit in using his duty free status because he was president to enrich private traders? What did he get in return?

Did he forget that this ran counter to his government touted Best Buy Malawi campaign?

More crucially did he think about the jobs of the Malawian men and women working for Lafarge, Cement Manufacturing Company (CMC) and Shayona?

What about the loss of customs duty for his government of the cement that was getting imported?

Did all these factors not matter to Mutharika?

When everything is said and done it is surprising that the cement manufacturing industry is on its death bed because it had no chance in hell to survive the orgy of this duty free importation of the product perpetuated by a system close to a president that wanted to appear holy in public when he sat at the top of a criminal enterprise.

This was callousness of the highest order, one might say, affecting taxes that this country badly needed and thousands of jobs at Lafarge, Cement Manufacturing Company and Shayona.

In the end all this totally justifies the attempt by the new Lazarus Chakwera administration to clean up MRA.

Those, in the mould of Dausi, tagging this move of sanitizing parastatals as witch-hunting, should bow their heads in total shame as they are the devil incarnates.

The extent of the rot is staggering and too damaging for this country and the citizens want justice.

The police will be busy as reports of rot are everywhere.

There is Escom where fuel was given to everyone in DPP who demanded it that some cars were being refuelled three times a day as if they are fighter jets.

There are reports of snacks and samosas being supplied to State House costing K43,000 each as well as chickens costing K35,000 each and millions being collected for them by characters connected to the ruling party and the presidency.

In the end and when all is said and done, Malawians, both home and abroad, want justice and accountability.

Those that did this damage to this country must pay for it in full and it includes former president Peter Mutharika.

He has a story to tell Malawians.

This malfeasance and excess are just too much and pale significantly to the Cashgate which was investigated and court cases are raging, with some culprits already serving jail.

As for the new Lazarus Chakwera government, the lessons are stark clear.

Malawians of the 21st Century will not accept to be raped in broad daylight by characters that want to abuse their country through positions Malawians give them on trust.

Malawians are wide alert and will name and shame the crooked politicians.

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