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The confidence factor

Many people have brilliant ideas that die the moment they are conceived. Many people talk of establishing high-revenue-generating businesses that at best only end in just mere talking. The problem is not capital; the problem usually is lack of confidence to go forward with ideas. If all ideas we have ever conceived were to come into reality, the world would be a better place. In fact, we would even wonder if paradise could offer anything new than what we may have created.

People that have made it have been as a result of confidence. Celebrated boxer Muhammad Ali said impossible is nothing. We are not born with a label of achiever engraved on our foreheads. We strive forward against all odds to achieve. The oil that ignites passion in us to keep on forging forward regardless of circumstances we are in is confidence.

Confidence is the burning passion that makes Lionel Messi drive the ball in front of a forest of defenders and still believe that he could beat all of them and score. Confidence is the ability to start a marathon with the belief that you will beat all competitors and become the best regardless of their profiles. Confidence is the ability to face fear and challenge it such that you become fearless. Nick Vujicic, a man without arms and legs, well says that fear simply means False Evidence Appearing Real.

The greatest sword, however, that butchers peoples’ confidence into shreds is the opinion of others. Most people have stopped believing in themselves as they have been judging themselves on the basis of the opinion of others. It is worth noting that life is a competition such that the possibility of people expressing a good opinion of you is almost nil. The human mind gravitates towards negatives. Rarely do people talk good of others and, therefore, to let yourself live your life on the basis of the opinion of others is but to take the path to the kingdom of failures.

Vujicic is right, never let the truth of the values of your life to be devalued. Les Brown adds: never let the opinion of others become your reality. The question is where have you been? Why you are here and where are you going? Oftentimes where we have been has been the undesirable state. Why we are where we are is but a footpath to the life of our dreams. It is the where we are going that demands extreme confidence.

Brown continues with a wonderful lecture: “Look at your life, look at what you can do. Is it giving you what you want? Are you living your own purpose? Are you living your own dream? Are you acting on your own ideas? Are you doing all you can do? … Are you procrastinating? Are you embedding your own greatness? Are you challenging yourself?”

If the answer is to the contrary, then you are certainly lacking the confidence factor, a catalyst that oxygenates dreams and push you forward. Ignore the tried and tested; try something new. The bottom line is simple; it was easy, everybody would do it. If Sir Thomas Edison had no confidence, there was no way he could have failed 9,999 times to come up with a light bulb. Confidence buoyed him forward. If it were not for confidence, William Kamkwamba could not have built a windmill from rudimentary products and light up his village and further utilising it for irrigation. Confidence is the silent igniter that keeps a person going forward despite circumstances encountered.

Confidence is the DNA of legends. No human with wavering confidence has ever conquered any task undertaken. The first people that climbed Mount Everest, upon their successful climb, eventually said: “It wasn’t the mountain that we conquered. It was ourselves.” It is confidence that gives us the unflinching desire to pursue any dream no matter the challenges. It is confidence that distinguishes heroes from people that have no title worth mentioning.

It is imperative to note that we live in turbulent times, that we carry out businesses in a fiercely competitive turbulent environment and that we are competing with other people for scarce resources and honour and recognition. But it is only the confident that makes it.

Peter van Kets teaches that having the highest IQ does not guarantee success. Not even our social background is a propelling factor to success. The most notable significant predictor in a person’s life to succeed is grit – perseverance, kupilira. This is the ability to have the courage to believe and to achieve despite the hardships we encounter on the path of our dreams.

You are your only competitor. People that you admire that seem to outdo you have only one magic with them and that is confidence. Unleash the legendary you, envelop your mind with confidence and then nothing will be impossible. You are the legend; carry your confidence armour to succeed.

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