The excuses and failures of RVG


Flames Coach, Ronny van Geneugden (RVG), the source of our frustrations, has perfected the art of draws and excuses, which are slowly downgrading the performance of the Flames in the region.

Maintaining such coaches is very dangerous and unhealthy for a team that harbours ambitions of qualifying for the Africa Cup of Nations final, let alone winning any prestigious regional cup.

On Tuesday, Ronny registered a 0-0 draw with Uganda’s Cranes in Kampala. He came back home with a litany of excuses and stories to justify his failure to win.


This is the seventh draw since the Belgian took over the mantle from a local coach.

To the chagrin of many, the coach attributed the miserable performance to the poor condition of the pitch and biased officiation which, to me, was absolutely ridiculous and unheard of.

Of course, drawing with the Cranes, a team that is better ranked (73) on the Fifa rankings than Malawi (123) is no mean achievement.


But this is no course for celebration considering that this gentleman is showing signs of lack of tactical nous, having registered seven draws, two wins and three losses.

What worries some of us is the consistency in draws, which the Flames have been registering. It makes the nation sad that we have even sunk so low to force a draw with lightweight teams like Lesotho while playing at home.

Without mincing words, Ronny must either pull up his socks or resign because he has failed to register any progress.

He found the team perched on position 106 but he has successfully contributed to its down fall and now it is shamelessly lying on position 123 on Fifa rankings.

It is absurd that Ronny wants to convince the nation that he is devising a playing philosophy for the team, but in reality there is nothing substantial happening on the ground.

These are sheer lies meant to hoodwink Malawians that he is doing something.

The truth is that this coach is being trained on the job and that is why he wants to work with different local coaches, hoping to thrive on their tactics.

We are being betrayed by this rampant belief in hiring expatriate coaches so long they are from the west.

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