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The folly of DPP’s obsession with Chakwera


When the ruling DPP is done away with their new-found obsession with MCP president Lazarus Chakwera, the least they can do is to tell Malawians whether that in itself is a solution to all the many problems that they are confronting.

Let DPP do us a favour by telling us whether sending Patricia Kaliati and this other fellow (I do not know his name and it is not important) as attack dogs to hallucinate on a whole load of rubbish about Chakwera’s past will solve all the pangs of pain Malawians are going through as a result of a million and one problems we are confronting on daily basis.

And the problems are many and piling by the day. The kwacha is galloping northwards against major currencies that it is a matter of time before we feel the pinch on the prices of essential goods and services.


Government is dead broke that it can’t pay anybody and just every government department is complaining of underfunding, choking at operations except, of course, State House so the President could maintain his mile- long convoy that is full of 10-cylinder fuel-guzzling vehicles.

Security is at an all-time low as the police have no penny in their kitty to stop the daily harassment that hardworking citizens are going through as they get robbed violently and their hard-earned money and property get taken away.

This week my friend told me of a story of how their neighborhood was attacked by a gang of panga-wielding hoodlums and nearly killed a guard in the dead of the night as they were looking for loot to cart away.


Drugs and other essential equipment in hospitals throughout the country have

dried up so that patriotic doctors who cannot stomach seeing their compatriots die like flies have resorted to be contributing money from their pockets to buy essential supplies and perform basic procedures to save lives.

I laughed my lungs out the other day when President Peter Mutharika seemed to have no clue as to how the drug problem has come about and that his government has bought enough of them.

He should ask his Minister of Health where these drugs are because certainly they are not in hospitals across the country.

Clearly the President has been misinformed. But it is typical of the DPP administration. They see anthills where there is none and where there are anthills, they do not see although they are a given fact.

What else can one say when clearly there is a problem and a whole president does not see any? What else can one say when everybody says there is trouble at Road Traffic Department but a whole minister only appreciates it when he visits it?

In light of the above, I suggest the President visits Kawamba or Kamboni health centres in rural Kasungu. He will see the real problem and not what his Health Ministry officials in their air-conditioned offices at Capital Hill tell him. They are liars and bent on protecting their jobs at the expense of the lives of poor Malawians.

To cut a long story short, like a cookie, everything is crumbling and snow-balling in the face of the ruling DPP but instead of diverting attention by constantly harping on their perceived Chakwera’ inequities, the party should confront these problems with utmost resolve and solve them.

Sending Kaliati to utter unprintable expletives at a presidential campaign rally otherwise tagged developmental will not make the problems walk away

Chakwera is not in government and certainly he is not president residing at the posh Kamuzu or Sanjika Palace.

Peter Mutharika is and Malawians look up to him.

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