The future is about data


Recently mobile phone operators have been offering very alluring promotions on SMS. You now only need to shell out K20 for 100 SMSs. Ever wondered why? Read on.

The SMS has been superseded by social platforms such as WhatsApp. WhatsApp is all about data.

For most of people a gigabyte of data is all they need for text and audio messages in a month. The same mobile companies ask for K500 only for that amount of data.


With such enticing offers on data, people have hardly any reason to text using the SMS platform.

It is for this reason that mobile phone operators must come up with creative ways to chain people to the rusty SMS structure.

WhatsApp has a video call or telephony feature. This enables you to make phone calls using your data or the internet part of your smartphone.


All I am trying to say is that you can today make phone calls on your mobile phone using your data bundle.

Your mobile phone system is made in such a way that data or internet piggybacks on the telephone system. The design philosophy was that the phone call would take precedence over data.

Think of a minibus transporting passengers from Blantyre to Zomba; it can allow parcels to ‘ride along’ to increase profitability.

Imagine that most of the passengers travelling on the minibus are actually traveling to the old capital to deliver parcels.

Soon those passengers will wake up from their slumber and realize that they do not have to travel themselves as the minibus personnel can deliver the parcels on their behalf.

In that why, the parcels will be delivered at the fraction of what they paid to travel themselves. What was an auxiliary function has now become the main service.

This is exactly what is happening to data on the mobile phone system; what was simply ridding along has now becomes the main thing.

While data services like WhatsApp has displaced the sms function, soon data calls will displace the telephony.

This has already happened in developed countries such as the United States (US). I cannot remember the last time I received a call from a friend from US which was not made from data.

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