The labour of pain


So, the year 2022, with all its pains, was meant to die?

What a load of pain it has been.

I mean, think about cholera.


All along, we thought that cholera was an acute diarrhoea infection sparked by ingesting contaminated food or water.

All this time, we have known that the disease is caused by a water-borne bacterial infection of the intestines.

Yes, we have, all this while, understood that cholera is transmitted through contaminated food or water, or through contact with faecal matter or vomit from infected people.


And no one can teach us that cholera can cause severe diarrhoea and vomiting and, if not treated, rapidly prove fatal. And that this happens within hours.

However, we never knew that cholera could become an outbreak of summer. After all, in the case of Malawi, cholera becomes rampant in the rainy season, which coincides with the lean season, food security wise.

During this time, fruits are rife; so are flies. And the like.

And cholera has been thriving under such circumstances.

But, then, 2022 was different. Cholera became an outbreak, like HIV and Aids.

So serious has the situation become that even the Presidential Taskforce on Covid has added its weight to the fight against cholera. The taskforce has activated Covid clusters.

This has happened because, this year, Vibrio cholerae has been a menace.

In other words, Vibrio cholera has ‘realised’ how to make pain more powerful than ever before.

As I am speaking, 30 countries have recorded cases of cholera in 2022, the year of pain.

Who knew that cholera was this notorious?

In the same year, we had polio re-emerging in the land of the lake.

When the World Health Organisation broke the news, Malawians were shocked.

It was as if we were going back to the old, painful days.

But that is the year 2022 for you.

Oh, did I say we had other strains of Covid, too? After its emergence in December 2019, Covid is still here, wreaking havoc.

And leprosy, too.

Some districts in Malawi have been registering an unprecedented number of cases of leprosy.

In districts where the disease was eliminated, it is hitting back with a vengeance.

Oh, Dear Pain, is 2022 your sting?

Tell us now, even as the year 2023 shines in the background— waiting for a turn.

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