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The power of thoughts

Patrick Achitabwino

By Patrick Achitabwino:

No matter how your day starts and ends, how it feels to you whether bad or good, blissful or boring, the irrefutable truth is that it lasted twenty-four hours and will still contribute to the 365 days of the year. Within that 24 hours, the world has had mixed fortunes.

Other people would have had positive thoughts that contributed to their success. Paradoxically, others would have had negative thoughts that added no value to their lives but frustration and disappointment, and even to the worst point, hatred towards those becoming successful. The distinguishing mark in this equation is what shapes our thoughts.

James Allen long saw it that man is made or unmade by himself. Writing in the book As a man thinketh, he went on to say: “In the armoury of thought man forges the weapons by which he destroys himself. He also fashions the tools with which he builds heavenly mansions of joy, strength and peace. By the right choice, and true application of thought, man ascends to divine perfection. By the abuse and wrong application of thought, he ascends below the level of the beast.”

What we think shapes what we become. Man has the power to change the circumstances around him. Man can start looking at things positively even in the gloomiest situations. Some of the cherished innovations were made from frustrations and anger. When a man craves a desire to be successful and keeps thinking positively of means to achieve the dream; the impossible is nothing. It does not matter your situation in life; what matters is how you become resilient in shaping the dream of your life. It may not be easy. It takes patience. After battling a long struggle and navigating bottlenecks along the way, one can achieve what others would have considered the impossible.

The world has no shortage of people that have capitalised on the power of positive thinking. A young man Chipiliro Shaibu rose from being a mere barber, without even a degree and rising sky high to become an emerging giant in the advertising industry through what humbly started as Media Works. From a humble person who was cutting the hair of people, he has grown to become an emerging giant that wins tenders in reputable organisations to design and print calendars, diaries, promotional materials and any marketing materials you may need. Being raised an orphan was no deterrence to his ambitions. He thought positively and yielded positive results.

When you are a positive thinker you even look at the positives in people no matter the situations they are in; you envisage that which they can achieve if accorded the opportunity. At the Wealth Creation conference that was held at Amaryllis hotel in Blantyre, the entire patronage almost shed tears when it learnt that the young man who was behind the production of conference videos that were being used at the conference kid was a street kid who had been transformed. Audrey Mwala fostered the kid and seven others from the street.

The young man went on to do his primary and secondary school and later became a professional information technology expert specialising in web development, software installation, graphic designing and music production and is a part of Sycamore Consult in the capacity of Business Executive in business and technology.

His story is interesting. His father he did not know. His mother was nowhere to be found. All he knew was begging on the street until Audrey Mwala fostered him and seven others. Something is interesting with him. He gave himself an interesting surname – Ilocie which is an acronym for ‘I have Love Of Christ In Everything.’

If young Gift Ilocie had corroded his mind with the trappings of begging on the streets, a possibility was high that he would have ended up with a miserable future, he would not have been a human being interacting with delegates in posh hotels, a man with knowledge and skills to dazzle the world with his IT prowess.

Human beings are born equal; it is how they look at things and chase their dreams that they become differentiated. Start your day thinking positively. Start looking at people positively.

Choose to listen to positive news and stories. Join a Whatsapp group where people discuss matters about progress than backbiting. Interact with people that will impact your personal and professional growth positively. What you think matters and matters most.

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