The Proclaimers revisits John Chilembwe song


By Franco Mwachande, Contributor

As the country commemorates John Chilembwe Day today, Zomba-based acappella music group The Proclaimers—made up of soldiers from Cobbe Barracks and civilians— has revisited the popular ‘Kunali John Chilembwe’ song using their own style.

The song plays every year on Chilembwe Day and speaks volumes of Reverend John Chilembwe, one of the country’s freedom fighters.


The group’s publicity secretary Penjani Mafuta said they decided to do the cover of the song to appreciate the works of Chilembwe.

”John Chilembwe fought for the freedom of the country and that is why we celebrate him every January 15. So, as a group, we thought of joining in commemorating him by reworking the song ‘Kunali John Chilembwe and we have done it in our own way,” Mafuta said.

Inspired by some international acappella groups, Mafuta said the country needs to give respect to “our heroes for giving us the freedom we are enjoying today”.


“John Chilembwe stood up against injustice and he laid the foundation for the freedom we are enjoying today. Above all, he taught us to stand up for justice and help the helpless,” he said.

The track was recorded in Zomba at Excel Records by one of their members, – Willy Khabuwa, who is also a music director.

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