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The ship has lost its compass


Whether President Peter Mutharika deliberately lied to the masses or he just didn’t know what was going on around him when he promised the nation that power outages will end because he was procuring emergency stand by generators to ease the problems on a day that the company that was given the task was cancelling the contract does not matter at this time

Time will tell.

On the contrary, what should matter and worry Malawians is that we have a president in office whose government has within it a small cabal of mafias who do not worry about the plight of Malawians but whose interest is how much they can milk the system for self enrichment.


So it has finally come to this when the whole Malawi is plunged in darkness because few individuals within the Mutharika administration deliberately messed the system so that they could benefit from it.

Just exactly how does one begin to go about explaining how a whole president of a country, whose nation is miserably failing to contain the nagging problem of electricity blackouts, can have a rug pulled right from under his feet in as far as the ‘procurement’ of electricity generators by the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi – Escom is concerned?

For all we care, multiple sums of money might have already exchanged hands between the power provider and clandestine suppliers over the very generator deals, which we are told was cancelled at the eleventh hour by the preferred bidder, who was allegedly uncomfortable with certain conditions by the procurer, even though he bulldozed his way to landing the contract in the first place.


This clearly underscores the arguments by critics that the country’s leader is not in tune with the happenings of the very government system he is supposed to lead, and by intruding on the joint ‘meeting’ by Escom and Egenco boards, President Mutharika might have simply been cartooning himself, while clueless of the fact that the procurement of the much touted diesel generators had hit a snag.

This is what happens when one fails to read the signs on the wall, which were there for all to see. It was in this very paper that the shady dealings pertaining to the purchase of the generators were laid bare, and one would have thought that Mutharika might have caught a whiff of it by staging his ‘surprise visit’ to the head office of the entity that is now infamously renowned for plunging Malawians into dark nights.

Mutharika has clearly failed to take charge of the affairs of the country, and the honourable thing left for him to do was to honourably pave way for someone else to see off the rest of his term, before he causes himself further embarrassment and untold suffering to the rest of us. We do not deserve it.

The same goes for his cronies who have plundered state resources left, right and centre, while still piling misery on the innocent lives of Malawians, some of whom have lost their relations simply because there was no electricity in hospitals to power the life saving machine.

It is now time to wake up and smell the coffee, Mr President! The Escom generator scandal is just a tip of the iceberg.

You must resign for being at the head of a government that is piling misery on Malawians on daily basis.

The ship has lost its compass

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