There are no challenges in life


We bitterly complain that we face obstacles in life when we are trying to do something. Most people have given up on their dreams because they thought other people were putting spanners in the works of their dreams. We mostly believe that other people are trampling on us and that is why we fail. No one should tell you again that there are challenges in life. Anything becomes a challenge when you stop thinking and decide to give up. Sir Edmund Hillary was right, as he brilliantly puts it upon climbing Mount Everest, that “it is not the mountain we conquered but ourselves”.

It is appropriate to note that life will give us obstacles which we consider to call challenges but instead of viewing them as challenges, view them as opportunities. If Martin Brown had not been disabled through an accident, he could not have started a company that manufactures all-terrain wheelchairs and made a difference to the lives of many disabled people. If William Kamkwamba had a fair life when he was young, he could not have built a windmill from rudimentary products. If there were schools and universities in his home area, Legson Kayira could not have embarked on a foot journey to America to further his studies. If Edward Kaluwa had not been fired by his employers, we could not have Combine Cargo today

What we see as obstacles are most of the times signposts that point us into the right direction. If you are competing in a marathon and you know an accomplished and highly medalled athlete is competing there as well, you push more, you give out everything because you want to beat the best. In that dimension, the accomplished athlete is your signpost to the victory line.


When you have failed in doing something, life simply wants to tell you that either you did not work hard or you opted for a route that is not in line with your talents. Such failures are there not as challenges but opportunities. Challenges would only exist and water you down when you limit your thinking, when you persevere less and when you easily give up.

The good thing with life is that for any obstacle you meet, there is always a solution close by but because we get extremely disappointed, then our belief system crashes such that we never see the solutions. People that achieve their dreams always look forward and do deny following the ordinary. Actually, it is the extra things people do above normal average that make them extraordinary. If you work just like the way all other people work, limit your thinking to the thinking of other people, do things exactly the way other people are doing other things, then you will never have your name written in the scrolls of achievers in life. History will not even have your name. All achievers deny perceived normal logic: they work long hours, they refuse to give up.

It is necessary to note that we do not need to waste time complaining of what we do not have. Success starts with what we have. What we have is unique; it is only just that we have to add the energy to utilise the potentials we have to the fullest. Stop blaming other people for your failures; nobody can ride in your back if you have not bent. Blames change nothing, tears change nothing, complaining changes nothing. Resilience is the key factor.


In life, you have to choose on of two choices: either be among those who just want to see things happen or be among those w h o m a k e things happen. If you decide to be among the less-action people who just want to see things happen, then you will join the bandwagon of people that always complain and achieve nothing, people that are resigned to their fate and strongly believe that life cannot offer them anymore. Decide to be among those that make things happen. These are people that put their dreams into action, they do not waste time complaining and they do not wait for other people to do things for them. In life, stop waiting for others to do things for you; do them yourself and that will make a difference.

Les Brown asks: “Where have you been, why are you here and where are you going?”

He goes on to say: “You look at your life, look at what you produce, is it giving you what you want? Are you living your purpose? Are you living your dream? Are you acting on your ideas? Are you doing all you can do? Have you become comfortable? Are you procrastinating? Are you imbedding your own greatness? Are you surrounding yourself with people that can amaze you? Are you challenging yourself? Are you learning something different? ….what decisions are you making now as you are looking to the future?”

In life, there will be moments when you will feel like giving up but never give up. Any obstacles you see in front of you, any challenges you encounter along the journey to the promised land of your dreams are simply opportunities. No one can stop you but yourself.

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