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The year 2017 is slowly saying goodbye and to most on a sad note: sad that they have not achieved many dreams that were set at the onset of the year.
But worry not about that. The fact that you have not been able to achieve what you had set does not mean that you are a failure. If anything, that has provided you the opportunity to reflect on your weaknesses so that you strengthen safeguards to your dreams.
You may have failed to break through. Your business might have tumbled and left you desolate. You have missed out on the promotion you long craved. You have not been appreciated by your fellow members of staff, workers or family. You have fallen behind on the pecking order of power in your political, social or business life. Curse not yourself. Consider that as the launching pad for your biggest dream in life.
Remember that there is always a way out of the obstacles that limit your progress. It is possible. Other people have made it from highly incomprehensible situations.
You are no exception. You will surely make it. You only have to consider doing things in the way you have never done them before. The comfortable path you have been travelling on in life will never take you anywhere. Do the unthinkable. Challenge yourself and you will make it. The surest way to the life of your dreams hides beneath a pile of death. Be ready to die and be ready to face death and live with it then you will find your way out.
Here is the story that will make a difference in your life. At the height of power of Adolf Hitler, the Nazis rounded up Stanislavsky Lech and his family and drove them into the death camp in Krakow. His family was murdered in front of his eyes.
Working in the concentration camp, just like many others, all he could wait for was death. But he craved freedom; to move out and live a life of his own meaning. His mind, just like the minds of every labourer slave there, told him there was no way out. He kept wrestling with the idea of freedom but always at the back of his mind was the thought ‘don’t be fooling yourself. There is no escape here’.
Lech could shoulder that no more. He knew that if he were not to do the unthinkable, he would die in the concentration camp just as many were dying every day. One day, he smelled rotten flesh a few feet from where he was working – it was the flesh of men, women and children that had been massacred in the gas chambers whose naked corpses had been piled in the truck. He did not waste time asking why such innocent people were massacred like dogs. He asked himself how he could crawl his way out and escape the same fate.
The sun was setting and the slave labourers were heading towards the barracks. Lech pulled off his clothes and dove into the pile of bodies while no one was looking. He was dead. Yes, Lech was dead. He lived among the dead like a corpse. The smell of death was all around him and the weight of corpses was pressing upon him. Lech then heard the truck starting off. Dead bodies were on the way to disposal. His body was on the way to disposal. Not long after, the mountain of bodies was dumped into an open grave. His body was among those shovelled into the empty grave. He held his breath as his body was falling down and waited until he was certain that there was no one nearby.
Exhausted, dehydrated, restless, he ran, naked, 25 miles to freedom.
Anthony Robbins in Notes from a Friend asks: “What made the difference between the fate of Stanislavsky Lech and that of many of the millions who died in the concentration camps?”
The answer is very simple. He opted to do the unthinkable. In the mid of all the misery, he found that there could be a way out – no matter how hard it may be – and he took the life-costing decision to make it.
Your business is at the verge of a breakthrough; you just have to walk the way least travelled. Your promotion at the office is not that far; you just have to do more than you have ever done before. See opportunities where others see nothing. Your academic success is too close to you; just as your mouth is close to your nose, you just have to die to your academic workload and start walking through the labyrinths of all areas that trouble you and you will be good to go. Nothing is impossible in life. In the new year, start seeing things differently and that will make a difference.

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