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These ‘DPP thugs’ must be tamed


THEY say when a child is sent to steal by his father, he does not go stealthily but breaks the door for all to hear and see.

The recent violent acts by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youth cadets show that they have the backing and encouragement of the leadership of the party.

Normally, police officers, especially when on duty, are feared and respected for their job of maintaing law and order in the country. It can only take someone with some political backing to gather courage to beat up police officers on duty.


As Malawians, we are tired with the sickening behaviour of these cadets who are turning this country into a savage state where some party supporters can behave with impunity.

The list of violent incidences perpetrated by the cadets is growing at a worrisome rate and Malawians must not stand aside seeing their country being turned into a lawless state by some ruffians who think they own this country.

In 1993, when some of these barbarians were not even born, Malawians decided to embrace democracy which would ensure that they have freedom of speech, freedom of association or choice and many other freedoms.


We refused the rule of terror back then and we will not allow a group of misguided individuals hiding under the veil of politics to disturb the peace in this country.

We expect the DPP to come out and condemn such violent acts and, at the same time, step aside to let security agents and the justice system to deal with those suspected to have committed this vile act.

Fifty-three years after independence, our country must not degenerate into chaos where even police officers can be beaten by political party supporters.

We would like to emphasise that what happened at Tsangano Turnoff Roadblock must never happen again in this country and must not go unpunished.

Malawi belongs to us all not only to some people who think they are too powerful and above the law.

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