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By Patrick Achitabwino:

Just like everyone else you have an insatiable appetite to be successful. That is good. The ability to crave for success is the energy that pushes you to the mountain top of a successful life.

Pause a moment. Do you really, want to be successful in life? If you do then it has to dawn on you that the surest way to a successful life starts with successful thinking.


When your mind, your thinking, your ideas are tailored towards success, you start taking actions that lead you to success.

Even when you are countering obstacles, you do not give up. You look at the obstacles as mere bends in the road that direct you to the right path on your journey to the success destiny.

Successful thinking induces a habit for success. You work tirelessly. You never give up. You listen not to the naysayers.


In everything you do, think innovation. Defy the status quo. Think like Steve Jobs. Think like Bill Gates. Think cunningly like Strive Masiyiwa. Look at opportunities where people see despair. We all look at things the very same way but we interpret what we see differently. Successful people think differently and that ought to be your thinking.

Success can only be cooked in the pot of perseverance. To make a breakthrough – to really think that what you are doing, no matter how long it takes, no matter how many times you will fail along the way – is a tough road that takes one to have a granite heart that cannot easily burst.

Think through the challenges you encounter along the way and ask yourself, how would other successful people go through such ordeal on their journey to the success paradise

Most people fail to attain dreams of their lives because they give up at the moment they were too close to a breakthrough. Successful people have bruises of pains encountered. Their minds have scars of disappointments, failure, defeat but what shines flamboyantly on their faces is success which you and I admire.

Be prepared to endure stress, dejection, rejection, hatred, belittlement until you make it great. The good thing is that when you make it all people consider your painful past as being nothing. They start singing your glory. Your voice becomes sought after.

Truth be told. You will be successful in your own way. Remember, you are not in a competition with anyone on earth. You are in competition with the you of yesterday. Any more day, start being successful little by little. It is a combination of such baby steps that will make the great you.

Remember that a forest is a collection of trees and it becomes think because of individual trees. Remember that an ocean, no matter how vast it is, it a collection of drops of water. It might be a drop by drop of rain that swells the ocean. Keep collecting your drops of success and they will become an ocean of success.

There is nothing wrong in being inspired by those that are successful. It is important to have reference points but remember that you can never be them. They are what they are. Make what you can be. Seek inspiration but never compare. Look at them as models for success but never compare yourself with them. The road to the paradise of success is travelled individually. If you fail, you fail alone. If you succeed, you succeed alone.

The wise have told us many times without number that the mind is like an umbrella, it functions well when it is open. To be successful you need to have an open mind. Every time you meet people, learn from them. Listen to their ideas and observations. The simple fact of life is that what people talk is often the catalyst for success. Their stories can make you a great entrepreneur, writer and whatever you wish to be.

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