This DPP government is living in denial


Was it not Professor Thandika Mkandawire who wondered what is it all about politics that changes properly bred upright human beings into monumental failures as soon as they join it?

For a government that is headed by a former professor of constitutional law in America, the DPP run administration is a huge disappointment that it imagines that in this day and age it can live in denial and think even for a second it can govern as if Malawi is still in the dark ages.

When will President Peter Mutharika and his minions and cronies wake up from their deep slumber to accept that Malawi is governed by rule of law? It is the source of the daily blunders that they are committing.


It is no secret that Mutharika hates the private media with his heart and soul. I know for a fact that if it were left to him he would close all private media houses in this country even today.

Forget that these private media employ many Malawians. To the President it does not matter.

The reason is simple. He would rather govern in ‘peace’ without the media acting as a spur, pricking him on and demanding transparency and accountability. He would rather rule without the media enlightening Malawians what a bad job he is doing with their tax by creating a climate of laziness, corruption and fraud.


The President would rather Malawians are not told that there are suspicious circumstances under which Admarc imported maize from Zambia so his government looks clean when they know it is not.

In short, this President lives in a dream world because times have moved on and he would be left behind.

That is why his government is on daily basis working hard on how the private media can be silenced through MRA and Macra, among other state agencies.

His government has a created a situation where those of us in private media feel less Malawian but more of criminals who must be stopped or harmed.

A climate has been created to paint us as enemies of the state.

The surprising thing is the President has lived in the US. Did he not see how the media held those that live on public purse accountable in that country?

When he decided to become President, did he think of us as so lowly positioned that we would not demand accountability and transparency from him as his government abuses our hard earned tax which we pay under duress, thanks to politically-motivated clamp downs by MRA?

But the President is living in denial. The comfort for Malawians is the fact that our Malawi is not a personal estate of Mutharika and his Cabinet.

We already agreed how it is going to be governed and that is it.

Let DPP live in denial and they will suffer unnecessary embarrassment all the time such as the one emanating from Mzuzu where High Court judge John Chirwa has taught them a lesson that the President and his Cabinet can never imagine even for a split second that they are above the law as some misguided individuals who are personally benefitting from the system would want the nation to believe.

These misguided individuals are saying the High Court cannot suspend a Cabinet minister as it did with Agriculture Minister George Chaponda, arguing that it is interfering with Executive decisions.

The court has rejected this outlandish view and it makes sense. What if the President is wrong in his appointment of the Cabinet? Does it mean we citizens have no recourse? Suppose he appoints a Cabinet consisting of only his family members or mentally disturbed characters that need the help of a psychiatric hospital more than a Cabinet post?

Would, we, citizens, simply accept it with no recourse to justice, whatsoever because the President has made such a decision?

It sounds queer and out of character to me in a democratic Malawi.

The problem is that DPP is in denial and they believe in this nonsense. They dream of a Malawi in which they plunder and ransack while the rest of us are watching and paying them more tax so that they continue to plunder.

What an arrogant way of thinking. I just thank God everyday that Malawi is not a banana republic but it is government by the rule of law.

They are being put in their proper place.

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