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This government is one bad joke


I fully support the stand taken by doctors of threatening to go on strike in 14 days time unless government recruits 51 medical doctors that College of Medicine has just churned out.

I support this stand not because I like strikes especially one staged by doctors which can directly lead to deaths.

Who knows, perhaps that would be the day me or my family or any of my friends would need a doctor.


But at the rate things are going with the present DPP administration, it seems to me they will only pay attention to drastic action.

Senselessness has pervaded this administration so much so that nothing should be obvious and taken for granted by citizens anymore.

It is unbelievable that government can train doctors and then start playing games at a time they are almost ready. DPP is playing with our lives and they do not seem to care.


Here is a government that runs a medical school as a constituent college of its main university. It has spent billions of kwacha rigorously training 51 young men and women into doctors.

These are doctors who are ready to serve and all they need is 18 months internship in hospitals under the eye of experienced hands in the profession.

And what does government do or say? It has no money to fund their internship which should have led to their employment and so it will do nothing about them and they can rot wherever they are.

It’s repeat of the story of 315 nurses whose contracts, in its wisdom, government decided to withdraw at the last minute.

This is another repeat of the story of teachers who government trains in its various

Teachers Training Colleges (TTC). They are also rotting after government said it did not have money to post them to various primary schools.

I would not have cared a hoot had it been that there are no yawning gaps in our hospitals and schools, crying out loud for these professionals.

Unfortunately, those gaps are there and very big. When you go to any government hospital, chances are that you would be seen by other medical cadres such as a medical assistant or clinical officers and not a doctor because the’re aren’t many available.

But government says it has no money to post 51 doctors it has trained to hospitals.

Tragically, the same government could find money to airlift 115 people to New York so they could shop in Manhattan or Brooklyn as a reward for being loyal supporters of the ruling DPP.

According to Professor Mathews Chikaonda, the same government can also generate K70 million for a presidential rally when the President fancies one.

Can someone tell me where the priorities of this government lie? Doctors, nurses and teachers offer services that Malawians need so badly. It is where taxpayers’ money should go if common sense was common in government.

If government has no money to finish training of doctors in its own hospitals, why does it not close College of Medicine?

Can someone close to President Peter Mutharika whisper to him that his government has completely lost it.

If government cannot spend money on things that really matter to Malawians, where is the money going to?

International Monetary Fund (IMF) was here and they said government has overspent. The question is on what? Is it the State House?

The health sector is collapsing and instead of saving it, government makes it worse by even refusing to do the most basic thing to save it.

There are no drugs, ambulances are grounded and now the DPP is even denying Malawians a doctor.

This government is one bad joke. Except that the joke has gone too far and it is costing lives of poor Malawians. That is why I fully support the strike threats of doctors.

Perhaps that is the only language this DPP administration can hear and comprehend to get right things done.

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