This man ‘Abdul’


It is about this man ‘Abdul’, of the ‘mosiki ‘fame. He has made us all in the Crew panic, getting lost for five hours on, as we are on an unusual trip to one of the Nkhata Bay beaches.

This scribe and member of the Crew, who otherwise appears very cool when sober, can be such a naughty fella, when he has taken one or two – meaning those solutions that make people intoxicated.

Prior to this, he was a wonderful guy, cracking jokes. We reach here, the guy has started staggering like hell. We may blame it on ‘Atsogoleri’ Rob M and Lackson, who decided to become some sort of benevolent characters or rather donors, by buying all members of the Crew the drinks and snacks they did not deserve on this trip.


Why not deserving, many may ask. The thing is that we have not come to Nkhata Bay for a retreat or Lake of Stars stuff, or such other merry-making ventures reminiscent of beaches like Chikale, Chintheche, Mayoka, or even the fishing beach and bay at the Boma, no. We are on this trip to condole one of us, who has lost a relation – a beloved one.

And, we have to postpone this sorrowful gesture – at least for today, and maybe tomorrow. This is simply because our own Abdul has missed. This light in complection fella, we mean the scribe was so drunk on arrival that we decided to wait for at least two or three hours, while he rests in the vehicle that brought us here.

But, ‘Abdul’, cheated us when he started showing signs of getting healed from the intoxicating stuff.


Ku ntchito akufuna ‘story’ ina yake, yasowa mu system, ndiye ndufuna ndikachite download mu kompyuta yanga nditumize pena pake pa internet café,” that’s what he said that time he had awaken; the rest of us were at a place previously known as ‘Bush House, London’, just by the beach near the Admarc market of Nkhata Bay.

We all accepted that he goes, at least we could spare another hour before heading for our destination, somewhere near Kavuzi.

As we made merry, sampling the fish snacks and the warm spirits of the Tonga women who knows the proper definition of hospitality, we easily forget our friend was supposed to be back within an hour.

Later, Happison reminds us and we panick.

“This is two hours and ‘Abdul’ of the ‘mosiki’ fame is not back. Guys let one of us check for him at the internet café he said he would go to work,” he says, as ‘Atsogoleri’ and Joe being Joe volunteers for the task.

But here they are with a sad story. They were told that ‘Abdul’ left some one hour ago, with ‘friends’ and the guys at the café did not know the identity of the friends.

And, when ‘Atsogoleri’ and Joe decided to use a short along the lake, what do they see? Our own ‘Abdul’ in deep slumber along the lake, some kids laughing at him.

Now awake, he is shocked he has lost his phones, laptop and of course a wallet; courtesy of his unfortunate drunk sleep, along the lake.

But we are shocked more by what Lackson tells us: “Ndikhalidwe lake uyu, kutaya zinthu akamwa, mufunse ma scribe anzake; za ku Mangochi, Lilongwe etc [losing things when he is drunk is habitual],” he says.

All of us don’t know whether to mock him, feel pity or laugh. At least our ‘Abdul’ has been found alive!

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