Thousands march in Ziyara Parade

John Bande

By Mathews Kasanda, Feston Malekezo & Llywellenie Mpasa

Multitudes of Muslims, led by Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi (Qmam), marched in the country’s cities, including Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Blantyre, to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad.

In the capital city, people converged at Area 2 Mosque.


They started the parade at 9:15am, passed through Old Town streets while singing songs of celebration, before arriving at Lilongwe Muslim Sports Club at 10:40am for prayers.

Central Region Qmam Chairperson Sheikh Rajab Malekano and Lilongwe Sunni Foundation Executive Member Anis Ismail said the event also gave Muslims the opportunity to pray for the country and the whole world, even as economic challenges bite.

“We need to pray to God for him to heal diseases here in Malawi and the whole world,” Malekano said while urging all people to pray for peace in the country as well as good rains in the 2022-23 growing season.


Ismail, who coordinated the Ziyarah Parade in Lilongwe, said the birth of Prophet Muhammad comes with the promise of peace.

“We propagate peace, we come with peace and we want to spread peace. All we can do on this auspicious occasion, on the birth [day] of the prophet, is to pray for all Malawians, pray for the nation and pray for the betterment of each Malawian,” he said.

After prayers at Lilongwe Muslim Sports Club, event organisers distributed food items including flour and milk to thousands of people that attended the event.

In Blantyre, Muslims conducted the Ziyara Parade in Limbe, attracting thousands of people.

Speaking during the celebrations, 2022 Ziyara Coordinator Waserm Giga said the parade “is a great occasion” for Muslims not only in Malawi but world over.

Giga appealed to Muslims in the country to continue being faithful.

“They should also continue to love one another. As we celebrate this happy day, we want to see people living in harmony and loving one another,” he said.

Sheikh Jaafar Kawinga, who spoke at the event, asked Muslims in the country to develop interest in education if their faith is to be preserved and practiced according to the holy Quran and prophetic tradition.

Kawinga asked Muslims to send their children to school to attain higher education and start holding senior positions in government, mosques and other public institutions.

“Let us work together and send our children to school to get the right education so that they should also take part in contributing positively to the Malawi 2063 vision,” he said.

One of the government officials that attended the event is Water and Sanitation Deputy Minister John Bande.

“I am happy to join my brothers and sisters in faith as they celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad,” he said.

In Mzuzu, thousands of people also attended the event.

Ziyara Parade is an annual celebration in which Muslims celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad.

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