Three arrested for Father Peter Mulomole theft

Police have arrested three men in connection with the robbery that took place last week at Zomba Diocese’s Research and Development offices where Public Affairs Committee Publicity Secretary, Fr Peter Mulomole, also works.

Confirming the arrest in an interview Tuesday, national police spokesperson, James Kadadzera, said two computers had been recovered.

He could, however, not provide the details of the three suspects because investigations were still underway, only saying: “These people are known criminals and some of them once served jail terms.”

Meanwhile, the National Advocacy Platform (NAP) and the Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC) have called on the police, courts and the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security to take proper action on the suspects arrested in the robbery at Mulomole’s offices.

In a statement NAP and HRCC released on Monday, they also faulted the police and the government “for the casual manner in which they approached the [Lilongwe] incident.”

“The fact that a Nyala [anti-riot vehicle] was burnt by the people simply tells us that the police were not prepared. If the situation was raised as a tension zone, standby officers would have come in fast to quell the situation. We bemoan this state as it speaks volumes of our police’s state of unpreparedness,” reads the statement in part.

They have since called on the police to revert to their professional ethics and refresh on their mandate as opposed to what they call perpetuating criminal elements or gross injustice.

During the Sunday fracas at Kaphiri, angry residents who were baying for the blood of a murder suspect set ablaze the anti-riot police vehicle which got stuck at the scene after developing a mechanical fault.

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