Three boys nearly swallowed by hippo while swimming


People who go swimming are aware that sharks, crocodile and other reptiles are dangerous. The areas where they are predominantly found are usually avoided.

But many people don’t know about the danger that hippopotamuses pose. They appear cute and cool from the distance but in face-to-face situations, your lifespan could be reduced to seconds.

A video recirculating on Twitter gives a brutal warning about this. It shows three boys having some fun in a small pond and suddenly a hippo appears.


The clip, shot in Africa, shows the massive animal emerging from the water just a few feet away from spot where the boys are swimming. After a snort from the ‘horse of the river’, the swimmers scream and scramble to get away.

The person who was recording also runs away, as seen in the jerky footage towards the end.

The clip is originally from 2021, and posted on Facebook by SanWild Sanctuary. The accompanying description says that “fortunately both the #hippo and #boys fled into opposite directions after getting a proper fright”.


The video is a terrifying reminder of how powerful and unpredictable hippos can be. They are considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.

According to The Telegraph, a toddler in Uganda survived after a hippopotamus swallowed him and later spat him out.

The incident happened when the two-year-old was playing near his home.

The huge animal suddenly grabbed the child in his jaws and was in the process of swallowing him when a man saw it and started pelting the animal with stones.—NDTV

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