Tiger the 2017 dreams


A tiger does not shout its tigritude; it acts, so says Africa’s literary icon Wole Soyinka. To most people, the dying of the embers of the year 2016 meant the moment of forgetting the many fruitless dreams of the year. As usual, as the cycle of life rolls, the year 2017 has also started with many cosmetic and brilliant dreams.

There is a big possibility that as the dreams started at the begging of the year, so they will die as they started come end December 2017. The reason is very simple: we only dream but never actionate dreams. We waste a lot of time talking of dreams than putting the dreams into action. D.A. Benton says lions do not need to roar; people know what lions are capable of achieving when it comes to hunting.

Let the tiger in you act, then you will achieve. Your qualifications matter nothing; it is how you actionate the qualifications that makes a difference. Professor PLO


Lumumba complains that in Africa we have paper qualifications that do not match the conduct of our character. It is not amazing, therefore, that despite having highly qualified people in several sectors in the country, we still remain the poorest country on earth. The sole reason is simple – we admire paper qualifications than the implementation of the essence of the papers.

Chika Onyeani in Capitalist Nigger has no kind words for Africans. He agrees with Lumumba that Africans are well-educated individuals but have nothing to show for our knowledge but putting qualifications after their names. To achieve dreams in the year 2017, we have to do business unusual, to challenge our thinking, to be practical and to vehemently resist the temptation of being mere talkers. Africa has many noise-makers who all they can contribute is nothing but noise.

It is not amazing, therefore, that top business gurus come from unimaginable and underprivileged education backgrounds because they managed to put their dreams into action. The challenge with education is that it only teaches us to manage the dreams of others than ours. We further the dreams of other people, we become advisers of the dreams of other people and we even manage lives of other people on behalf of the paymasters. This colonisation of the mind is what makes most people miserable when they retire because they may have spent the whole of their productive time in life managing dreams of others than their own.


It is imperative to note that all the achievements of the past are nothing. No matter how you achieved last year, if progress for this year looks unpromising, you will be fired. The measure for glory is not hidden in the tabernacles of the past glory. Life is cruel; life will always demand more. The past is there for us to refer to just as any record is there to be broken. Tiger your life, tiger your dreams and put action on the tail of your dreams. Talk is cheap; talk is nothing. Many people have dreamed and spoken of their dreams and died with their dreams. No one is there to drive your dreams but yourself.

Your dreams will not be realised through the many conferences and seminars you attend. You have attended more and nothing has changed. It is how you actionate conference ideologies that makes a difference. Otherwise, the same old song would be killing Africa: “it was an eye-opener”. For how long should our eyes be opened to notice that all we need is to take action?

Sir Thomas Edison says: “Vision without action is hallucination.”

Tiger your dreams then you will end the year a successful person.

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