Tigresses, Thunders Queens clash


Local netball powerhouses, Tigresses and Thunder Queens, are determined to make the most of their test match scheduled for today at Blantyre Youth Centre.

Netball Association of Malawi (Nam) General Secretary, Carol Bapu, said The Hunger Project Malawi has supported the match to raise awareness on females’ condoms.

“The Hunger Project Malawi saw the need to involve netball in their programme because the sport is mostly played by women. They felt using Tigresses and Thunder Queens, who are crowd-pullers, will help them advance awareness on condoms for females,” she said.


Before the netball games, officials from the teams, Nam and The Hunger Project Malawi will be involved in a march.

Meanwhile, Tigresses and Thunders are determined to fine-tune ahead of the Rainbow Paints Southern Region Netball League’s second round’s throw-off.

Thunder Queens’ Captain, Joana Kachilika, said they will use the game to gauge their strength.


“We want to see which areas we are doing fine and where we are failing,” she said.

Tigresses’ Coach, Peace Chawinga-Kalua, said they wanted to use a new formation during the match.

“I am training my players to fit in any position and formation so that we can change our system and game-plan in the course of a match,” she said.

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