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Time for refreshing at World Alive’s Youth Ablaze

Zacc Kawalala


Youth Ablaze is part of the annual Home Coming conference that Word Alive Ministries International hosts each year called Church Ablaze.

This is a conference which brings together different ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ from Word Alive Ministries International and other partnering churches locally and outside of Malawi to share the word of God.

It is home coming for the church because it brings all Word Alive members from across the nation and beyond including South Africa and Mozambique to set a tone to the year ahead.

“It is a time for refreshing, being sharpened and of course envisioning on how we shall act going forward,” Pastor Harry Chima told The Sunday Times

“We expect Youth Ablaze to be a great time where different skills, talents and the preaching of the word of God shall be used to minister to the people that shall gather at the banquet,” he said.

The main speaker at Youth Ablaze shall be the General Overseer and Senior Pastor for Word Alive Ministries International Pastor Zacc Kawalala, besides a guest worship minister, Paul Kachala, who shall minister during the conference through praise and worship.

Kawalala said this is an opportunity to empower the youths so that they run with the work of the Lord.

“The work of the Lord from time in memorial has largely been driven by the youth and the youth do have the energy to run with the gospel,” he said.

“Most times, we tend to look down at the youths and that is where we miss it. At Youth Ablaze, we want the youth to be revived and their purposes revitalized and be set on fire to serve the Lord in their generation,” Kawalala said.

The Youth Ablaze starts today ahead of the main annual church programme called Church Ablaze which will be hosted from Tuesday, September 13 to Saturday, September 17, 2022 at Word Alive Blantyre City Church, behind Blantyre Market from 6:30pm to 8:30pm every day.

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