Tink in father’s footsteps

MUSIC LIFE — Jenna and Tink are doing music

Renowned musician Ben Mankhamba, who is Village Headman Chingalire has a son by the name of Tink, who he introduced in one of his songs and as this was not enough, he also named his promotion under his name Tink Promotions.

This was in the past when Mankhamba was all over holding live performances as well as dominating musical awards.

But the name Tink disappeared from the limelight and now it has resurfaced following Tink’s adventure in music in United Kingdom.


Now 20 years old, Tink, who is pursuing music at Liverpool University is following in his father’s footsteps showing that music is in the family’s blood.

Listening to some of the songs, Tink has shown that he is in music not by chance but rather he has talent.

While his father’s music is deep-rooted in Malawian culture with elements of traditional dances from Malawi, Tink has used his own style picking genres such as R&B.


He sings beautifully in one of the songs titled ‘I’m a bit Nervous’. He also shows in the song he has a good voice. He seems to be in love with love songs looking at the five songs he has produced.

The other songs that he has so far done include ‘Stay At Mine’, ‘Tequila’, ‘Planes’, and ‘Like That’.

Mankhamba said he was impressed with his son’s music which he has produced in his own studio.

“During this UK lockdown, Tink has decided to use this time to write, compose, arrange, record and produce his own songs all by himself. I think he has some talent,” Mankhamba famed for songs such as ‘Moyo wamtauni’ and ‘Kaamba Anga Mwala’, said.

He said having listened to all the five songs he has done, he decided to share them to people so that they should also sample his son’s talent.

“I could not hold it when he sent me the songs and that is why I took a step to share some of the songs. I don’t know how people will receive the songs but for me I am impressed,” he said.

Mankhamba said he also asked for permission from Tink to share the songs and that he was given the go ahead.

“By the way he is also a football captain of Liverpool University team,” he said.

He said Tink has done his studies in Malawi, United Kingdom, Kuwait, China and Vietnam and that now he was studying music at Liverpool University.

“His full name is Tinkhawa and so it’s shortened as Tink. Tink also has a sister Jenna and that is where the Jenna Sisters came from. Jenna is also a fantastic singer, she has a wide vocal range and she can reach both the high and low notes in a song,” Mankhamba said.

The Daily Times could not be able to talk to Tink as we went to press Monday.

In another development, Mankhamba, said he is continuing sensitising people in his area and other surrounding areas about Covid-19 pandemic which has hit the world and continues to claim lives.

“We need to do more in terms of sensitising people and I am happy with the support I have received from other players. For instance, Safintra Malawi gave me some hand washing soap tablets to distribute to people in my community,” he said.

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