Tinkhani Kamanga, Aubrey Masamba in re-match


Bantamweight boxers Tinkhani Kamanga and Aubrey Masamba will meet in an eight-round non-title rematch at Afro Gardens near Wenela Bus Depot in Blantyre on Sunday.

Besao Boxing Promotions has organised the rematch after Kamanga won the first fight on unanimous decision at New Nkhwazi Lodge in Chigumula in Blantyre on July 5.

Besao Boxing Promotions managing director, Bester Saopa, said he wanted to complement the efforts of his fellow promoter, Mike Chitenje, of Mulanje Last Boxing Promotions.


“The two fighters put up a gallant fight and I want them to prove their prowess during the rematch. Kamanga should prove that he deserved to win. On the other hand Aubrey should prove us otherwise. He has blamed judges that they were not fair. So he must prove that the result was a fluke,” he said.

Saopa said his stable had set six supporting fights to entertain supporters.

“The pairing is fantastic. We will also have a ladies fight so we encourage women to grace the contest. We also promise tight security and we will start on time. Finally, some stakeholders promised to help us arrange the bill and we are confident that they will not let us down,” he said.


Meanwhile, Kamanga said Aubrey should stop using Masamba’s surname because he was a journeyman.

“He is not strong and fights using his clan name rather than his skill. This time I will dismantle him for good,” he said.

Aubrey said he would not waste time talking but would wait for the ring to express his bitterness.

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