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Title offers for female pugilists


Local matchmaker, Steve ‘Mawenzi’ Msiska believes local female pugilists stand a good chance of winning reputable belts unlike their male counterparts.

Msiska, who is well known of promoting boxer Agnes Mtimaukanena- Mwando, said there were several offers from international promoters inquiring about the possibility of engaging local female boxers.

“I think it is easier for female boxers to be offered title fights for reputable belts unlike men. This is because the women’s division has few boxers which gives them an advantage to get a title shot. Already we have had some female boxers fighting for World Boxing Council belt. Of course men have fought too but the process is long. It is just unfortunate that things have stalled due to this break caused by Covid-19,” he said.

Currently, Malawi has promising female boxers such as Anisha Bashir, Ellen Simwaka and Ruth Chisale while one of the pioneers of boxing Mtimaukanena- Mwando is trying her comeback.

Msiska advised boxers to work hard to improve their record to attract better offers.

“A boxer with a good record always attracts good offers. A good record is an indication that the boxer is competitive,” he said.

However, one of the female boxers, who did not want to be mentioned said they needed more international non-title fights to gain exposure to stand the heat during title fights.

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