Tiwonge Hango shines at University of Salford


Renowned musician Tiwonge Hango last Wednesday stood out as one of the outstanding students at the University of Salford in Manchester, United Kingdom, when he was decorated with the Music Directorate Award during the Music Awards Night.

Hango, famed for songs such as ‘Mama Africa’, said he was happy to have collected the Music Directorate Award.

“The University of Salford awards students for their outstanding achievements across all music courses in the Department of Arts and Media. 10 awards were given to brilliant students in different subjects/modules but I was awarded the top most award as the most outstanding student,” he said.


The artist, who spoke highly about Malawi and its music during his speech, said, unlike the other winners, who were chosen by their lecturers per subject, his award was decided by all the lecturers.

Hango also said he has finished his studies with first class honours.

“This is a huge achievement for me and the country and this is probably the first time for a foreigner to win considering that we were over 130 pursuing the course,” the musician said.


He said he has tried as much to sell Malawi to the world.

“I had to talk about Malawi in my speech. You know I am trying to create awareness about Malawi; maybe the university would have a good bond with Malawi,” Hango said.

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