TNM eWiMax offers 150% more data


Mergers and acquisitions have not always bred glorious results in the computer industry. HP acquired Compaq; that killed the Compaq brand. Google bought Motorola mobile, stripped it off its fabulous patents and sold the shell. Microsoft bought Internet Explorer, patched it up and offered it for free to kill a competitor, Netscape.

I, therefore, had a very good reason to skeptical about the acquisition of Burco eWiMax Internet here at home last year. After all, TNM was already an internet service provider using a technology that piggybacks on its mobile phone network. Comparatively, TNM internet prices via Huawei dongles were much higher compared to Burco eWiMax offerings.

After all, could anybody be too sure why TNM bought Burco eWiMax?


TNM has now fully rebranded Burco eWimax into TNM eWiMax. The building that housed Burco Electronics along Kamuzu Highway in Blantyre for many years has now changed name and is now called TNM Business Centre and wears TNM regalia.

TNM has made the eWiMax website flashier. As expected the word Burco has disappeared altogether and the Prefix TNM has been added to EWiMax.

But that is not where my excitement lies. TNM is unbelievably offering more data for the same money. The K500 voucher which used to offer 100 MB now gives 100% more data; 200MB. While you paid K5/MB now you only shell out K2.50/MB.


The K1, 000 voucher now gives you 500 MB data as opposed to 250 MB. This translates to K2/MB from K4/MB.

This means that the price of the K500 and K1, 000 vouchers have been reduced by a whopping 100%.

Things are look even better for the K2, 500 voucher. Previously this package came with 800 MB data but now it is loaded with 2048 MB surfing and downloading data. This translates to a price reduction from K3.12/MB to K1.22/ MB. This offers you 150% more data.

A new K6, 500 voucher has been introduced which packs 5120 MB of data. This translates to K1.27/MB. This is not an excellent offer. Surely it offers more data but is more expensive than the K2, 500 voucher per Megabyte. This package suffers from marginal diminishing returns.

There are more offers that are available; you can find more details on the TNM Smart eWiMax website.

TNM has also made it easy for you to purchase eWiMax data vouchers. Other than using conventional avenues like Puma Filling Station Shops, National Bank MO-626 or NBS Easy Mobile, you can now convert your airtime credit on your phone into a data voucher by dialing *303#.

This is fantastic news from TNM especially now when good news is so hard to come by which s soaring inflationary pricing on almost everything. Thank you, TNM!

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