TNM in K30 million partnership with EMNET hub


Mobile service provider, TNM Limited, has partnered with EMNET Hub, a non-profit organisation, to set up entrepreneurial hubs across the country.

The hubs are meant to provide a subsidised space, mentorship, coaching and trainings for EMNET registered entrepreneurs.

The K30 million partnership will run for three years and TNM will provide full suite of IT solutions as well as special mobile packages for the hub and its members.


The company’s Chief Risk and Audit Officer, Arnold Mbwana, said the initiative will combine the efforts of EMNET with the technological and financial muscle of TNM to improve the operating environment for entrepreneurs and SMEs in the country.

“As an ICT company, we would like to show the nation how technology can improve efficiencies and help entrepreneurs unlock their full potential. This is not a once off corporate social investment but rather an ongoing partnership that will prove to be very beneficial to SME start-up and growth in the country,” Mbwana said.

He further said entrepreneurs in the country face a number of challenges and, by using the EMNET hub, stand to benefit from those who have been in business for a long time.


“Best practices will be shared with the public and policy makers in an effort to educate and make improvements in the overall environment. We expect these benefits to trickle down to those that are not registered members of the hub,” he said.

EMNET Chairperson, Jimmy Korea Mpatsa, expressed optimism that the project would be a success as it would foster an entrepreneurship culture within the country and encourage existing business owners to break boundaries.

He also assured TNM that the money will be put to its intended purpose.

Mpatsa said no economy has grown without entrepreneurs hence the need to support them financially and intellectually.

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