TNM MiFi not guilty


I am an early bird. One day I woke up at 2am, switched on my computer and loaded a K160- 100 MB-nightshift bundle. That amount of data is more than sufficient for my e-mails, tech news updates and a Kwin Bee’s ‘ndidzakudandaula’ download from YouTube. But before I could ever do anything, all the data was gone. I was maddened.

In my fury, I checked out things just to be sure that I did not ‘curse’ TNM for my own futility. Behold; something shocked me. I found out that I had purchased a K1, 800-one day-1 GB bundle the previous day. The day’s downloads had swallowed it all and were happily resting in my Google-Drive folder.

Because the 660 MB downloads were saved in Google Drive folder that required another K1800 bundle to upload the same unto Google Drive cloud space.


TNM vindicated, I moved downloads away from Google Driver folder. When that was done, I used Mpamba to purchase K160 airtime for MiFi. Before I could ever convert the airtime into a 100MB bundle, the airtime evaporated. I gave up.

I called TNM at sunrise and vented my anger; I was told the system had a problem and engineers were working to sort it out. By the end of the day, I noticed that the face of had changed and all was nirvana.

Soon I forgot about it; all was working fine and I continued to ‘defraud’ TNM by abusing the night-shift bundle. One morning I was in the mood for downloads; I wanted to download the latest political escapades of Brian Banda and Nicolas Dausi. And it happened again; I GB worth of data dissolved.


Irritated is not sufficient to describe how I felt. I was exasperated. And lo, my own computer was the thief that stole the bandwidth. Earlier in the day I had upgraded Windows 10 to professional version (whether I paid for it or pirated it, should not be anybody’s business). All I am trying to say is that I forgot to schedule Windows updates so that it would not run automatically.

The thing is that Windows is made in USA where disposable incomes are decent; you can forgive Windows code writers who think that we have money in Africa to keep wasting on per-minute updates. Do these programmers know that our old and used-up politicians deviously tax internet?

I had not seen nothing just yet. I was once again in the mood for downloads. I bought a K1800-1 GB-24 hour bundle. Before I could ever download anything, my bandwidth had been munched up. There is nothing in my lexicon that can describe how I felt; I needed to kill somebody.

In my wrath, I checked who else in the house was connected to MiFi Wi-Fi. I got it. My daughter’s PC was. I went and checked; she was not there but the PC was on. A little digging revealed that her PC was running adware called bots. This malware runs in the background; connects to a remote server and sends thousands on emails using mail list it harvests. Once again, TNM was not the culprit.

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