TNM pioneers solar revolution


TNM is pioneering a solar revolution in Malawi through its Partnering with Team Planet project to give Malawians an alternative source of electricity.

In a statement, TNM said it remains committed to advance new innovations aimed at improving the lives of the people of Malawi.

“Today, we are proud to be taking a bold direction in renewable energy which will transform people’s lives. This is a continuation of our strides to do more for environmental conservation and protection, and to mitigate negative effects of climate change.


“Customers will be continuously connected through TNM, the largest and most powerful mobile network in Malawi,” the statement quotes TNM Chief Executive Officer Douglas Stevenson as saying.

TNM and Te a m Planet ignited the solar revolution last year with the test release of bright and long lasting solar lights.

“The results were overwhelming. Thousands of people now feel they can’t live without the lights. There is a group of people who now champion these products throughout Malawi. Team Planet is committed to continuously upgrading and reinventing their solar products to meet the ever changing demands of customers,” TNM said.


Joanna Gentili, CEO of Team Planet said, “Why should we all live in darkness in a country where there is an abundance of sunshine? We are proud to be forging a partnership with the truly Malawian network, who will provide a seamless nationwide distribution network using TNM shops and vendors.”

The initiative complements government efforts in the provision of energy, especially in rural areas through the Malawi Rural Electrification Programme (Marep).

Speaking during the launch of Marep 8 at Ngolowera Primary School in Mulanje, President Peter Mutharika described energy as a key driver of the economy.

According to surveys done by TNM and Team Planet, the majority of cell phone owners don’t have access to electricity and as a result they walk long distances for a cell phone charge.

People surveyed said their highest demand for solar was overwhelmingly to charge phones.

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