TNM’s Huawei e5573 MiFi is glorious


MiFi is god-sent. What is it? You may be asking. This is a portable hotspot that taps into a 4G LTE cellular network (just as good as your smartphone does) but goes further to replicate itself in 8 to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets within 30 feet.

Now, that is not in English. What that prattle means is that Huawei e5573 is a small wireless router that picks TNM’s Wi-Fi internet from the tower straight into your house and suddenly laptops, tablet computers and smartphones inhale the oxygen of technology; an internet connection.

This means that you no longer have to hunt for TNM’s hotspots all over town.


Huawei e557 is pocket size; if you want me to put that into perspective, it is 48x58x15 mm. I have to say this that although it is white with a matching grey stripe, the gadget does not arouse my appreciation- for-beauty instincts. Think of it as a girlfriend who may not have the tools to compete in a beauty pageant but has grace and whatever else.

The maximum download speed on TNM’s MiFi is 150Mbps and 50Mbps upload speed. Files download at a twinkling of an eye and HD videos stream as though they were on your laptop’s hard disk.

In the UK, the cost of the Huawei e5573 is 59 Pounds (K54, 162). Amazingly, TNM is asking for K54, 000 and throws in K40, 000 free data bundle into the mix.


The generosity does not end there; if you have the GreenPacket eWiMax dongle; TNM will exchange it for you for free. I did; hence the reason I am paying them back with this free ‘advertisement’.

The gadget is truly wireless. It comes with a lithium ion 1500 mAh (milliamps per hour) battery. Its power draw is 375 mA (milliamps). Gibberish, again! I meant to say that, Huawei e5573 comes with a battery that you find in most mobile phones and this particular one lasts 4 hours of usage when fully charged.

That battery power is as bad as what is in Lumia 630; 1830 mAh with a power draw of 670 mA which gives you only 2.73 hours of talk time. The good thing is that the Huawei e5573 is stingy on power when it is not in use.

The wireless router has no LED display but two LED dot lights. One indicates power/charging mode while the other chameleons from red, umbra and green indicating no signal, weak signal and strong signal respectively.

TNM would have gone for Huawei e5577 which has an LED display but perhaps may not have achieved scale because e5577 is pricey.

Wi-Fi internet is non-discriminatory; you can use TNM’s internet to power Airtel’s smartphone.

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