To you Nicholas


With Madalitso Musa:

Dear Nicholas,

I know this is not the best time being you. My sincere hope is that faith will shore you up in these times.


Dear Nicholas, even for a man made of steel, it is never easy being subject of public discourse, bad or good. I have always known you, dear Nicholas, as one jolly fellow who never lets go of a moment of humour.

It is pleasant to joke and somehow, strangely, humour is more appealing when it is coming from a prominent person of your caliber. But there are some things we must never joke about. You and I know that pricking on sensibilities is risky and for someone in your position, that is digging the proverbial own grave.

I read with utter shock, the statement you made the other day about the gory and heinous maiming and killing of people with albinism.


Before I come down on you “like a tonne of bricks” let me, in all fairness, agree with you on one thing: It is true that the diabolic killing of people with albinism is complex especially when you look at cases in which some monsters posing as relatives of victims are concerned. We are talking about people who we all along thought were our keepers yet they prove to be the hangmen lurking in our midst. On that you have a point, dear Nicholas.

But, dear Nicholas, you goofed when you—with teeming arrogance and brimming nonchalance—said there is nothing to worry about the killing of people with albinism. What cheek you have dear Nicholas.

Even those who have a professional background of extermination would appreciate that one death is one death too many. It is careless and, bluntly put, irresponsible for a Cabinet Minister entrusted with the security of citizens to play down targeted killing of a certain group.

Your boss, that is President Peter Mutharika, had you in mind as the best guy in town to organise security in this country. I am sure he is now disappointed.

Look, dear Nicholas, are you seriously not seeing anything suspicious with how the whole bloody script is reading. Is it just a matter of coincidence that those who seem to have leads to the masterminds of the scarlet scheme are mysteriously dying? Have you, dear Nicholas not wondered how that man in Karonga “committed” suicide? Are you, dear Nicholas, going to look at us in the eye and claim ignorance of how Luke Buleya suddenly dies in police custody?

The scheme and cartel seem very organised and people out here are raising questions. It is your job, dear Nicholas, to push your men below you to tell the nation exactly what is happening.

Dear Nicholas, please be honest with yourself to concede that there is more to this killing of people with albinism than what has been made public.

The conspiracy theories are becoming too damning. Why must all those seeming to have leads be dying mysteriously? Someone knows the truth here.

But, dear Nicholas, all said I think it is time you realise that your job is not all about defending some political party and its shenanigans. You are minister and a lot is expected of you. On your watch, dear Nicholas, political terrorism has reigned and the most you have done is choke us with your superfluous terms and no action.

Dear Nicholas, we might joke about this reign of political terror but when it comes to serious issues such as protecting people with albinism, it is when you must start thinking why you of all able minds, were trusted with such a critical position.

By the way, dear Nicholas, I assume you know what your name means. In Greek, it means “victory of the people”. I am gutted that your actions, especially on this issue of killing people with albinism, your name is the exact opposite.

I hope you respond to this letter to you Nicholas.

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