Tobacco Control Commission out of registration cards


Registration of growers at the Tobacco Control Commission (TCC) is in limbo after the Commission run out of registration cards.

The development has forced TCC to send back growers before adding them into the system.

One affected farmer, Thomas Taulo, said the situation has been the same since Thursday last week.


Taulo said he was sent back along with other farmers and TCC officials told them that they should just listen to the radio on the information regarding when the cards will be available.

“We were sent back on Thursday and the situation is really worrisome,” he said.

TCC Chief Executive Officer, Albert Changaya, confimed the development but blames the situation on the supplier.


“It is true that we have run out of cards. We had an agreement with the company which provides us with the package to provide 150 000 cards. Unfortunately we have been receiving these cards in small quantities like 20 000, so at this particular time we are also surprised that there were no indications as to when we will have the cards,” he said.

Changaya further said the situation is beyond the Commission’s control.

“We regret this development but it is beyond our control. Right now, we got communication that the cards will be flown to South Africa today,” he said.

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