Top boxers dump board


Four top professional boxers have dumped Malawi Professional Boxing Control Board (MPBCB) for the newly-established Pro Malawi Boxing Board, a wing for Malawi Boxing Association (Maba).

Pro Malawi Boxing Board Chairperson, Daudi Chikwanje, yesterday confirmed issuing licences to Wilson Masamba, Chimwemwe Chiotcha, Alick Mwenda and Mussa Ajibu.

The switch means that the boxers will no longer fight in MPBCB-sanctioned bouts.


The four boxers received their licences at Kamuzu Institute for Sports in Lilongwe on Sunday as the new board launched the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games’ plans.

“The boxers have chosen our board because they know that we are recognised by the Government of Malawi,” Chikwanje said.

“They know they will be protected during their bouts because they will be cleared by the government. To us, this is a welcome development as these are top boxers in the country and will act as role models to other up- and-coming boxers.”


He also announced that seven boxing promoters have registered with the new board.

Masamba said he had joined the new board after signing a five-year contract with an undisclosed company in Lilongwe.

“It is true that I am no longer part of MPBCB. Last time, I also made such a decision but I returned. Right now, I am committed, especially after weighing the conditions and my career gains. This also means that I am no longer part of No Pain No Gain boxing stable,” Masamba said.

MPBCB spokesperson, Frank Chibisa, said he was in the dark over the boxers’ move.

“Their managers should have written us about the shift. We have no problem with the decision, but we cannot comment much until we get the official communication. However, we share values with Maba to promote boxing in the country. Therefore, if it is true, the boxers will have our blessings,” Chibisa said.

Interestingly, Maba Chairperson, Justice Katika, also said he was in the dark over the boxers’ switch.

“Chikwanje will brief me today on the matter. Even though I have always been against the idea of incorporating seasoned boxers in the board, the boxers are welcome,” Katika said.

“Our aim is to promote boxing and that can best be done with the young blood. There is nothing new these boxers will bring because they have been with us before going to MPBCB, therefore, it is obvious that after discovering that they are gaining nothing, they will leave the camp for another side.”

Pro-boxing board has also announced that it has secured sponsorship for a boxing contest known as ‘Galimoto Ipite Mu Ring”. The boxers will compete for a car.

International Boxing Association (Aiba) in 2014 empowered Maba to administer professional boxing in the country.

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