Trainer backs banned boxer


Zimbabwe-based boxing trainer Clyde Musonda has come to the defence of suspended boxer Simon Tcheta, insisting that the Malawi Defence Force boxer lost fairly.

Tcheta has been slapped with a nine-month ban after being found guilty of match-fixing.

However, Musonda said Tcheta lost the bout fairly.


“In boxing you can lose the fight in the first second of the first round. That is why you hear the referee telling boxers to protect themselves at all the times.

“Similarly, it happened to Tcheta. He was caught by the first blow on the chin and it disturbed him. I shouted at him to rise and he did that but he was still feeling dizzy,” he said.

The trainer, who helped Anisha Bashir to win two belts, said he was equally shocked with Tcheta’s performance.


“I was not expecting the fight to end just like that, with Tcheta not throwing a jab. I was not happy but I had to accept the loss although I wanted him to fight back and win the belt for Malawi. He has a big body and height so I thought he could use that to win the belt,” the trainer said.

Musonda said Tcheta needs emotional help.

“Let us not discourage him, it happens in boxing all over the world. Let us comfort and encourage Tcheta to do better next time. Let us not judge him by an exe. He is young next time he will do better,” he said.

His sentiments come after Malawi Professional Boxing Control Board (MPBCB) banned Tcheta.

The board’s Vice Chairperson Frank Chibisa confirmed the punishment saying it includes a three-month mandatory suspension given to any boxer who suffers a knockout.

“The other six months Tcheta will not be allowed to fight in an international bout because we will be observing his conduct. If he gives away another fight, then his licence will be revoked. Bear in mind that Tcheta also surrendered another fight in Tanzania unfortunately there was no complaint,” he said.

Tcheta could not be reached for comment.

The ban comes after Tcheta’s controversially suffered a first-round knockout to Lukas Dafoloma in a World Boxing Organisation Africa Middleweight championship on February 27 in Namibia.

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