Transformation Alliance rallies the youth into politics


Transformation Alliance (TA), a political pressure group, has called on the youth in the country to start actively participating in politics.

Chairperson for the grouping, Moses Kunkuyu, said this in an interview.

Kunkuyu said the youth make the most of the country’s population, hence the need for them to actively participate in politics on the ground if the nation is to transform.


“It is high time young people in the country got off the social media and faced political realities on the ground, not that the social media is bad. Young people really need to start showing interest on the country’s political leadership,” Kunkuyu said.

He, however, observed that most young Malawians view politics as costly, dirty and for old people.

“This is why we need to set up deliberate policies that will encourage young people to participate in politics. Among others, we need to ensure that the culture of handouts which entails that those vying for public office must have a lot of money, must end,” he said.


According to Kunkuyu, the Political Party Financing Bill is a step in the right direction as it will enhance transparency and accountability in political parties in the country.

Meanwhile, TA is conducting rallies in the Southern Region to popularise the 5+1 Public Affairs Committee (Pac) All-inclusive Conference resolutions.

“As an alliance, we are interested in the Pac resolutions, so we have been in the areas of Traditional Authority (T/A) Chigalu in Blantyre and T/A Chapananga in Chikwawa where we held discussions with the local masses as to what they should expect from the leadership on these matters,” Kunkuyu said.

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