Transglobe insists no case to answer


Lawyers for, Rashid Tayub, the second accused in the case of sacked minister of Agriculture George Chaponda, maintain that they have no case to answer in the latest submissions served on Anti- Corruption Bureau (ACB)

Tayub, who is a director at Transglobe, is facing the charge of persuading a public officer to perform his functions corruptly in the Zambia maize procurement scandal. He has maintained his not guilty plea.

ACB lead prosecutor Macmillan Chakhala confirmed receiving submissions from Tayub’s lawyer Lusungu Gondwe.


But Chakhala said lawyers for the first accused are yet to serve them with their submissions.

“We have not received any submissions from lawyers representing first accused George Chaponda…,” he said.

However, in an interview yesterday, lawyer representing Chaponda, Tamando Chokhotho, insisted he already made the submissions.


“Yes, we already made our submissions,” he said contradicting Chakhala.

But Chakhala dismissed Chokhotho’s claims when asked again.

“They were supposed to serve us I think by the 21st of this month. They were given 14 days so we started counting from the 7th of March but we haven’t received,” Chakhala said.

Chakhala said both parties are expected to make oral submissions in court on April 14, 2018.

Chaponda is being accused of giving false information to the ACB, being found in possession of foreign currency in Malawi and attempting to obtain an advantage.

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