Truth has never lost


With Bayana Chunga:

In my entire life, I have never seen truth fail.

It can be suppressed for some time, buried under the deceptive elements of wickedness, obscured by organisational machinery but it ultimately triumphs.


Truth is sponsored and protected by God Himself.

He alone is truth.

Deception and dishonesty may get you before the kings in the palace but cannot keep you there.


Sooner or later, you are discovered and thrown away.

Some literally use lies to climb up the corporate ladder, put their adversaries in jail, attain lucrative business interests and appear saints in public at the expense of others.

Sometimes deception is the shortest way to the throne.

It is the shrewdest way of ascending to authority and fame.

It can blind subjects and hoodwink public opinion into your favour.

In fact, lies sometimes can be the only difference between failure and success.

Just like every sin, every lie has a cost attached.

We may escape immediate effects but that does not take away the long-term consequences that come along with it.

One day, our lies come to haunt us.

And sometimes the consequences come when we least expect.

It does not matter how long it takes, truth will always eventually come out.

Let me appeal to those whose life and existence is founded on deception.

Stop it before it is too late.

This could be your last warning.

God hates sin.

Do not provoke His wrath because of short-term benefits.

Repent and ask Him to give you a new life.

It is possible.

It can be done.

How does it feel to have people languishing in jail separated from their families because of a false testimony that you gave in court?

How does it feel as a judge or administrator of justice to have people suffering in our prisons because of false judgements that you gave after pocketing bribes?

How does it feel?

How does it feel as a pastor to lie to congregants and right after that manage to lead Holy Communion?

How does it feel to wear that collar around your neck and spin the truth in your favour?

How does it feel to see truth being persecuted when you sit idle and watch on the sidelines?

Deception has thrived in our midst because of saints who keep quiet and watch.

They pray for justice but smile when others are treated unjustly.

They pray for peace when dissension could be stopped at the utter of a single word from their muted mouths.

Dossa (2010) defines being honest or telling the truth as relating the facts as one knows them.

Furthermore, Dossa (2010) states that deception can be an act of dishonesty but also can be without lies.

In other words, forms of deception include not giving any information, not giving information of the truth, withholding information, selecting what information to give and not give and giving vague information.

There is a message of truth that can liberate all liars.

It is the gospel message.

It has the power of the cross to redeem all those that find themselves in the bondage of deception and wickedness.

Jesus did not come for the righteous.

He came for liars.

He came to unshackle us from the slavery of sin and give us a new life.

Through his stripes on the cross, we were healed from sin.

He bore the cost of our sin and paid the penalty of our iniquity in full.

His death, only, could quench the wrath of God against sin.

It is possible for liars to start speaking the truth.

It is possible for liars to despise untruth.

But this can only happen with divine intervention. Counselling meetings, warnings and punishments cannot change the problem of sin.

The problem of sin has no human therapy.

You do not have to lie to earn a living.

The owner of silver and gold demands that you speak the truth at all times; be reminded that truth does not lose!

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