Try until you succeed


Six times the Scottish king Bruce fought the English and lost. His army scatted and was a forced to hide in forest to save his life. He hid in the woods and the lonely mountains. The king was disheartened. He lost his army. He lost his courage and it was fading in his heart day by day.

It is said that one day it was raining heavily and, while seeking shelter, Bruce the king found an empty cave. Sick and tired, he lay on the cold ground thinking about giving up when he saw a little spider that was trying to finish weaving its web on the cave’s roof, but somehow it kept slipping down.

Bruce was fascinated as the spider was not giving up. Every time the spider slipped, it climbed back more carefully than before. Six times the spider slipped and was trying for the seventh time. Finally, at the seventh try, the spider completed the web.


That moved king Bruce. Watching the tiny creature again and again filled the King with new hope and new strength. The king decided he would raise his army once more. When the rain stopped that day, King Bruce came out of the cave and said: “I too shall try the seventh time.”

The king called upon his brave and faithful men. He told them about his plans and sent them back to his country to bring more men for his army. The faithful followers did as they were told and brought back more men. Bruce formed a stronger army than before and though they were outnumbered 10 to one by the English army, they battled fiercely and won the war. This time there was no defeat for the Scottish king and his army. The king had won his kingdom back.

You might have lost your kingdom. Your kingdom could be business that died no sooner that it begun. It could be a book you were writing but then lost the courage to proceed along the way. It could be the song you have perfected but unable to take to the studio. It could be a subject in class that gives you nightmares. It could be the promotion that never comes. It could be a job opportunity you have been applying for but never considered. Look to the spider. Try and try again until you succeed.


It takes courage to keep on trying when all that seems visible in front of you is failure. It takes courage to do that which you do not like but has to be done. Truth be told, it is far much easier to be not successful than to be successful. The path to success is thorny and rocky. Many a times you will fall. The reason why most people are not successful, is that when they fall they give up. To be successful you have to be persistent, learning from one failure after another until you succeed. If success was easy, every human being on earth would be a success.

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